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Thread: Top teeth hurt!

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    Default Top teeth hurt!

    Suggestions? My 9 month old has her two top teeth and they are digging into my breast She's not biting but I need some suggestions on different positions to nurse with top teeth?? So far only one breast and one position works, I would like more options.

    Thank you!!!


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    Default Re: Top teeth hurt!

    yeah this happens a lot, you have 2 painful dents where their teeth rest. The only things that helped me are 1. time, sorry but they do out grow it, I think as their mouth grows. 2. unlatch them and relatch until their positioning is better. With my sons it was a lazy latch which was the most painful so I couldnt let them do it.
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    Default Re: Top teeth hurt!

    Keep trying different positions, what have you tried? Have you tried laying baby across you instead of side lying? Have you tried a sitting upright facing you position? Also giving ice in a mesh feeder or frozen fruit before nursing can help. Kelluymom.com has a write up on 'teeth scraping'.
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    Default Re: Top teeth hurt!

    I have the same problem & then he likes to pull back AND grab me to help letdown and it huuuuurts!
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