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    I have a 7 week old boy with previous feeding problems. We are trying to get him off the bottle. I have a hospital grade scale to measure his bfing intake. He is 9lbs 10 oz. If I just breastfeed him whenever he wants for as long as he wants -with no bottle- he gets 12 to 15 oz in 24 hours. He's eating only 2-3 oz a feeding, and going 3 to 4-5 hours between the start of one feeding to the next ( I'm feeding when he gives me cues).

    I have some questions if you ladies could help, please?

    1: Is He getting enough, or should I make sure he is getting more with a bottle of expressed milk? He hasn't lost so far.

    2: How long should I let him sleep before waking him to eat? He's slept 6-7 hours at night some nights. he has also slept for 6-7 hours, ate, then slept for another 5-6 hours. Is this bad? We are swaddling at night, could this be making him sleep too soundly?

    3: Should I stop a feeding after a certain point if he's not getting much? A lot of the time he takes a while to eat, will he tire himself out or use too much energy? For example, if he eats for an hour and a half and only has gotten 1-2 oz should I pull him off and give him expressed milk?

    4: I had supply issues which got better. Ive been trying to get off the pump. Since it takes a long time for him to get food out, Should I still be pumping after each feeding? I worry about not having enough milk to nurse him at next feeding if I pump (since feedings last so long sometimes they're only 1 hr apart), but I'm afraid of my supply going down.

    5: Sometimes he downs 3 oz in 30-45 minutes, other times (even times when I dont seem to have low supply) he'll take an hour to get 1 oz. I tried to think of a reason for this and can't - anyone have any ideas?
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    Hi and welcome, congats on your new DS

    ANSWER to # 1 & 2 How many wet & dirty diapers in 24 hours? 6 wet should be the MINIMUM and 1 or more dirty
    at 7 weeks your milk supply is still building, meaning the more you nurse/pump the more your body will make. I would try to offer the breast AT LEAST every 2-3 hours, IMHO I wouldnt let him sleep any more than 3 hours AT THE MOST at one time.

    ANSWER to # 3 Letting him stay on the breast will also help with building your milk supply, skin to skin contact is a GREAT thing, and *comfort/dream feeding* is also GREAT for supply

    ANSWER TO # 4 Pumping after feedings is another GREAT way to help with making milk, the breast are NEVER truely empty! When the breast is stimulated either through BF/pumping/contact that tells your body to keep making more. AND even if your not getting alot out with pumping dosnt meen its not there, some women dont respond well to a pump. And baby is way more efficient at removing the milk

    ANSWER to # 5 If hes drinking from a bottle, its MUCH easier to drink from, either the drink or choke KWIM. And again 7weeks is very young hes still learning and sometimes it takes a little longer for them to get efficient at removing the milk, but as he gets older/bigger he will get better at it.

    How is his weight gain? Is he content after feedings? Does he seem happy? Is he growing longer?

    I have 5 LOs and EVERYONE BF different! My youngest DS is 11.5 mo and had a hard time gaining and removing milk, but he got ther and hes a nice pudgy 20+ pounder now.

    It sounds to me like your doing a GREAT JOB BF is a learning game and your both just getting started, before you know it you'll be on here GIVING advise. Hang in there, theres great advise/support here

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    Default Re: Feeding questions

    It sounds like your LO is getting a good amount at his feedings- 2-3 oz is a very normal amount for a breastfed baby to eat- but since he goes so long between feedings he is not getting enough overall. According to this resource: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkcalc.html breastfed babies take in 19-30 oz on daily basis. So 12-15 oz is likely not enough. I would stop waiting for him to "ask" to nurse and start trying to feed him every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night, and see what happens. I would also stop swaddling- that 7 hour stretch of sleep must be heaven but when a baby has weight gain issues and you're supplementing and mucking about with a pump you don't want to encourage long sleep stretches. The other thing I'd encourage you to do is to talk to your doc about reflux- some babies find using their digestive systems so painful that they prefer to use them very little, and that can lead to babies not gaining weight. I have an acquaintance whose baby just would. not. eat. because he was in so much pain.

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    I think he was gaining the first day we took him off the bottle, but after that I'm not sure. It seemed likeeveryday off the bottle he started taking in a little less. He definitely had lost the last day though.

    He wouldn't act hungry after feeding and seemed the same as he was on thr bottle. I just don't know.

    Doing the feedings every three hours at night I'm afraid is causing a problem. He is really sLeepy and won't stay awake at the breast. In 1 hour he is only getting 20 mL. I can't keep him awake. We've had to put him back on the bottle for almost every feeding for the past 30 hours or so. He wasn't doing this when we were letting him sleep for longer blocks.

    Anyone have any ideas on what we should do?

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    Default Re: Feeding questions

    See a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. If you've already done so, see one again. If the baby really is having trouble taking in enough milk, then you need hands-on help. Maybe it's his latch, maybe he's confused from getting so many bottles (that's not a criticism- you did what you had to do to get him fed!), maybe he just needs some help staying alert and interested at the breast...

    Has anyone suggested using a SNS or Lact-Aid to supplement at the breast? If bottle preference is the problem, or part of the problem, the SNS can help break that.

    Did you try increasing his feeding frequency during the day? Did that change anything at all?

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