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Thread: Still struggling with low weight gain ..

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    Default Still struggling with low weight gain ..

    Hi Everyone,

    I posted several months ago about our daughter's low weight gain -- the doctor had told me to nurse less frequently. Fortunately, I came here and didn't heed her advice. Anyway, for several months, she leveled off at around the 8th percentile in weight, and that's where she was at 6 months.

    We just had her 9-month check-up and she's fallen off the chart for weight. She's holding steady around 50% for height, but her weight percentile seems to have plummeted. She's also not interested in solids -- we've tried everything: puree, cubes, big bits -- she just isn't interested. So, basically, she's still exclusively breastfed.

    The doctor wants us to have her swallow evaluated, which I suppose we'll do, but it just all seems to be a bit alarmist. She has swallowed food (bread crumbs, a bit of fruit/vegetable here, a bit of meat there), just not large quantities. And I just have a very hard time believing there's a problem. She's happy, content, and has yet (knock on wood) to have a noticeable cold or illness.

    Here's her history (weight percentile in parentheses):

    Birth: 5 lbs 14 oz (8%); 19.3 in
    3 days: 5 lbs 12 oz (5%); 19.3 in
    2 weeks: 6 lb 12 oz (10%); 19.9 in
    1 month: 7 lb 14 oz (18%); 20.9 in
    2 months: 9 lb 10oz (20%); 22.2 in
    3 months: 10 lb 12 oz (13%); 24 in
    4 months: 11 lb 14 oz (12%); 24.5 in
    5 months: 12 lb 12 oz (8%); 25.3 in
    6 months: 13 lb 12 oz (8%); 26.3 in
    9 months: 14 lb 9 oz (<3%); 27.5 in

    There's been a definite drop from gaining about 1lb a month to less than 1lb in three months, but still to look at her you'd think nothing was wrong. She's not fussy. She latches fine. She seems content. I just don't know what to think.

    Any thoughts?

    Fwiw -- I have yet to understand this whole growth chart thing -- it seems to compare babies to what other babies of the same age are doing, which flies in the face of the idea that all babies develop at different rates.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Still struggling with low weight gai

    The weight history doesn't look alarming to me at all. It seems like a typical bf weight gain pattern. She started out small, and gained steadily and weight gain slowed right around 6 months. My son did similar, I just think they weren't concerned because he was nearly 20 lbs by 6 months. But at 12 months, he's 23 lbs. And not for lack of eating solids!
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    Default Re: Still struggling with low weight gai

    I don't see anything to get alarmed about. If she's hitting developmental milestones and gaining SOMETHING, I wouldn't be concerned. I have a good friend who still struggles with this (daughter is almost four and still weighing in at under 20 lbs) but she's learning and growing and healthy so she finally told the doctors that unless they had a goal of what they were looking for that she was unwilling to do more tests just to let them try to figure out why her daughter didn't make sense to them. Sometimes I think medicine can be too problem oriented. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one bit opposed to medicine, but why look for a problem based on charts and averages rather than focusing on her own indications of health, kwim?

    We switched pediatricians between DD1 and DD2 for this exact reason. My ped now is old school and totally get breastfeeding and really is supportive of seeing the patient instead of the charts, which I LOVE. But I digress, my questions is really this: if your pediatrician weren't concerned would you be? Does she have any other indication of a nutrition issue (development, illness, etc). If it's just the chart, I'd take it with a grain of salt.

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    Default Re: Still struggling with low weight gai

    I with pp. Looks good, But I understand I too had a slow weight gainer/fall off the charts DS, it can be frustrating! My only question... Was LO weighed on the same scale with only a dry diaper EVERY time? It can make a BIG difference. One of the scales at my peds office was different from another by almost a pound!
    Some LO are just smaller and thats OK, some are bigger and thats OK too.
    Your doing great momma keep up the good work

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    Default Re: Still struggling with low weight gai

    Thank you, Everyone!

    This is truly encouraging and completely in line with what my gut says.

    I wish I could find an old-school pediatrician. All the ones in our neighborhood are young and seem to do everything by the books rather than the patient. I'm going to do some digging and see if I can find one not too far from here.

    And no, if the doctor hadn't expressed concern, I never in a million years would have thought there's a problem.

    As for the scale, this was the first time we used a different scale. I wonder if they're calibrated differently. How ridiculous would that be?

    Anyway, I love this forum. You're all awesome! Thank you!!
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