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Thread: Not enough for tomorrow. :(

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    Default Re: Not enough for tomorrow. :(

    it is soo hard to keep up! You are doing a great job! I went back to renting a Symphony and strongly recommend it. I get more out in less time. It is so worth the money to have less stress. I keep the PISA hooked up in the car for my daily commute.
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    I second pumping in the car....

    Also if ever again in a power outage, don't open the freezer, at all times try to keep the freezer as full as possible, (the more frozen stuff in there the colder it will stay for longer) and ASAP get some dry ice. Around here you can buy it at a local grocery store, sometimes you have to go to ice cream stores and other places though. But, I would try to get dry ice with in 24 hours, and it should be able to keep it frozen in the freezer, add more dry ice every 24 to 48 hours until electric is back on. Or find a freezer with electric-in laws, parents, friends, etc.

    All that being said....is there a way that you could reverse cycle a bit, sounds like he is eating more in the day time to get his daily food and less at night. Seems to me having him feed directly from you at night would be easier then pumping at night. I know he's drinking a lot during the day, but I'm just wondering if he ate more at night he would eat less in the day. I personally would bedshare, and the times I normally would get up to pump I would offer breast, even if he's asleep....of course you can't force a baby to eat...just thinking about what would be easier and less stressful. Otherwise, for sure those middle of the night pumpings for me was def the biggest difference in making enough milk and not.

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    Default Re: Not enough for tomorrow. :(

    AF: Ooooh! LOL - nope, AF is not back.

    Pumping in the car: yep, I do this.

    Eating more at night: I actually do try to get him to nurse at night but he is just not interested. He eats for a minute and then falls asleep. After months of complaining about no sleep I feel like the only mom complaining that my kid sleeps through the night. in fact, last night he didn't even do his usual 1am wake up -- just slept on in and woke up at 4am.

    I'm actually feeling better about my supply this week. I got REALLY ahead this weekend and am at least two bottles ahead. I was able to put some in the freezer even. Maybe the increase is happening, just slowly? Definitely going to take herbs and look into a pump rental!
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    Default Re: Not enough for tomorrow. :(

    When the increase happens, it will happen very gradually and slowly, so it sounds like you're doing great!

    And yeah, I'm struggling to feel bad for you because your baby sleeps a ton ...

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    Default Re: Not enough for tomorrow. :(

    Yes, the increase tends to be over time. Sometimes baby backs off a bit at the same time too.
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