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Thread: Anybody ever pumped milk for a friend?

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    I didn't pump for friends since I had low supply anyway, but I received frozen milk from friends and even acquaintances (and one lady through a mutual breastfeeding support woman) but then when my little girl turned into a toddler and she wasn't really into getting thawed milk anymore I was able to pay it forward, so to speak, and share with another mommy acquaintance with low supply. I was sooooo happy to be able to help her and I know if I ever make adequate to extra milk I would love to share with a friend or sister.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ohiomama View Post
    I didn't pump for friends, but I shared all of my frozen milk with other mamas after lincoln passed and they were each SO very grateul. It feels good to help out!
    That is THE most beautiful, selfless thing I have EVER heard. That actually brought a tear to my eye.
    If I had been the recipient of your milk, I would have told my baby how special that milk was with each drop he drank. Thank you for posting such a heartwarming post.
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    Thank you.

    I'm not alone in doing that though and have a few fellow baby-loss mama friends who did the same. It means just as much for us to donate it as it does for a mama to receive it.
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    I think YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I would do it too. And my adult DD offered me her milk when I was working (my DS and DGS are 7mo apart), it was a huge relief for me knowing DS would always have enough!
    Your friend is lucky to have you

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    JoEllen that is such a wonderful thing you did. It is nice to see some good come from such a tragedy. What strength you have or being so selfless with your stash.
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    I think it's a beautiful thing that you are doing. I would do the same for a friend

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    It is wonderful! Double immunity!
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    I have donated my entire freezer stash to a local mama with IGT. Her second baby is my third baby's milk brother, and now her third is my fourth's milk brother. She comes by and picks up milk as she needs it out of my freezer; I filled it entirely in about 3 months last year. It was there as a fail-safe in case something happened to my supply in Gav's first year; I don't need it now, so someone might as well benefit.
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    I have pumped for two babies, the first was my friends son who lost her supply at 9 mos. I pumped for him until he was just over a year. This was when my LO was really little. Recently I pumped for another friends son who was going to be having surgery and wasn't taking formula very well. Surprise surprise, he loved milk!
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    I haven't pumped for a friend, but I donated over 250 oz to a woman I connected to on Eats on Feets. Just putting that out there in case others are looking for informal ways to donate extra milk. You can find EOF on Facebook. I enjoy seeing that woman's little girl on FB now and knowing I had a tiny part in helping her grow.

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