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Thread: Quantities for daytime care?

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    My husband and caregiver cut my girl's bottles back yesterday, so she ate only about 12-13 oz. while I was gone. She ate well during the afternoon and evening and slept through the night without waking hungry. I'm going to keep the "dream feeding" option as a backup, because this seems to be working for us right now and gets me home earlier in the afternoons (and keeps us all well-rested), but I appreciate all the encouragement in case I end up needing to try it. My caregiver even said she thought we were feeding her a lot (she used to work at a daycare and was comparing), but she didn't want to question us -- but we told her she should, because we're new parents and are trying new things as we go along!

    For ikkin1023, I found the Lactate Support by Gaia worked much more quickly than the straight Fenugreek. In fact, I have to cut back because I'm making more than I need now. I sometimes will take it for a few days, cut back and then stop. If my supply drops again, I start back up with it. It costs more, but I don't need it as much.

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    That's great that you were able to cut it back! It's better to have a more manageable amount for pumping. You can always leave a frozen bag of milk with your caregivers in case she's having an extra hungry day, like during a growth spurt.

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