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Thread: Low after mastitis

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    I've always been an overproducer..not sure whether to post here or oversupply forum...but had bad mastitis in right breast almost 2weeks ago, and despite nursing first on that side for almost 2weeks now, supply on that side is ver, very low. Other side is compensating and engorged every feeding, so it's not an overall supply problem. Baby drains the low side fast, and it is abnormally flaccid ( third ebf'd kid, so I know my body pretty well). I've had mastitis before and always recovered supply fine...worried I damaged breast tissue this time. Done with abx and feel fine now.

    After nursing that side first I express every last drop by hand to drain fully. Pumping gets me nothing and w 3 kids no time for it anyway.

    Any ideas??? Major bummer to have one flat and one engorged all the time!!

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    I think, sometimes, that the ducts just don't bounce back like they should, and that breast might always be an underproducer now. You could keep offering it first and see what happens. I had a really bad plug a few months ago on my right side, which is already an ipunderproducer due to surgeries on it, and it cut what was already there by a third and hasn't quite recovered.
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    I think you can increase supply on that side, but as Susan says, it may always be your lesser producer. I had something like this happen to me when I had to wean off one side - that side bounced back, but never back to its former state. Since mastitis can REALLY impede supply, it does essentially partially wean you, and to recover from that, you have to put some work in. I'd offer that side first, offer it a lot during "dream feeds" at night (like, let the baby hang out on that side for several hours and only switch when they protest), and if you're pumping, spend a little more time doing compressions, etc., on that side. What I learned is that it takes a LONG time to relactate or increase supply on a breast, even if you're a crazy overproducer like me. It can be done, but the progress will seem glacial for a long time. Be patient, keep that breast in the game, and you'll see improvement. The good news is that, as you say, you don't have a supply problem overall, so you can afford to be patient.

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    with the excellent advice from the PPs. Just keep offering that flat breast first, and you should eventually see some degree of supply return.

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