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Thread: amber teething necklaces?

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    Default amber teething necklaces?

    First of all, I'm not really sure my DH would even be swayed into thinking putting a necklace around our baby's neck is a good idea. I brought up trying amber teething necklaces a while back, and he was like, that's a load of crap and I'm not strangling my baby. So anyway I'm gonna ask anyway,...what have y'all's experiences been, that have tried it? I get the reasoning behind it, but does it really work enough to try it? Could I wear it while wearing DD, and have her still get enough benefit? I'm convinced DD is teething big time--she got both her bottom teeth at the same time at 5 months, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's working on more than one tooth again. I've tried teething tablets, and having grown up using homeopathy, I want so badly to believe that they help, but I just don't think it's offering enough relief. I've given baby tylenol, and so far that seems to be helping marginally better--tonight I gave her some and she went to sleep the earliest she's gone to sleep in a while (8, instead of 11), and woke briefly after a half hour to nurse and then fell back asleep. But...I just don't feel comfortable giving that to her day after day, even though lots of people have with no problems. Teething definitely is worse at night, so I don't even know if amber teething necklaces would be of help...do the effects work even after they've been wearing it for a while? I'm just feeling a bit frazzled, and would like to explore some other options. Of course, being home alone at nights (DH works night shift) doesn't help any....who am I kidding, not that DH is much of a help anyway--not a reflection of him, or his parenting skills, but DD is quite literally attached to me. She doesn't take a paci, and is extremely wary of other people. As much as I love nursing and mothering her, I'm getting a wee.bit.tired. (ok, a LOT...) I'm sure my stress level being sky high with family issues doesn't her either, as she's probably picking up on that. At least my DH has been an amazing support through this trying time, which has helped keep my stress level at least tolerable. (father living with stage 4 colon cancer who lives alone, can't take care of himself, but is in denial, relying on me, not getting support from my two sisters who live out of town/state...you know, the usual super stressful stuff...) *sigh* Oh look, I turned this into a vent! But really, I would like to know about amber teething necklaces. And to say that being a mom is really hard sometimes, without worrying about people giving me advice on how to make DD less attached to me. 'You know, letting her cry a little bit isn't going to hurt her, after all she needs to learn to self soothe' is just not what I want to hear at this moment in time. Besides, pretty sure she'd cry for hours if we let her.

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    Default Re: amber teething necklaces?

    You'll want to chat to @llli*expat-mum She has them made and shipped directly from Lithuania.

    I got them for my girls, one for myself and my DH! I didn't get DD1's on her until later but DD2 has worn hers since she was about a year. She doesn't bother with it and I don't take it off (or rarely, maybe for swimming). People love how we all have the same necklace on and DD1 loves to point it out to everyone. They're very pretty and are often a conversation piece.

    Can I say that it has made teething easier? I do know that we haven't given as much Tylenol / Camilla to DD2 as we did DD1. Is it because of the necklace? Maybe. But I'll tell you one thing, I'm not taking it off to find out!

    ETA: I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.
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    Default Re: amber teething necklaces?

    You can also get them as anklets if the necklace version makes you uncomfortable. Although I recall reading that those might not be as effective since the amber would not be as consistently warmed on the foot as it is on the chest.
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    Default Re: amber teething necklaces?

    My DD has been wearing one (when teething and not) for about 5 months now. She does seem a little less cranky when it's on, and she always reaches for it in the mornings when we are getting dressed. So I guess she likes it. She never messes with and we've never had any problems with her getting it caught on anything. And it's beautiful to boot.
    I snapped this picture last week. I can't help but share. The necklace certainly compliments my little angel.

    Anyway, I do sometimes resort to Tylenol. I used it big time when the molars were coming in and it undoubtedly helped. Don't feel bad about using medicine for pain relief, as long as you're not reaching for it constantly and being reckless with it. I'm always on edge when DD is teething. It's easy to start to feel like a bad parent when your LO is cranky and clingy and not sleeping. It will get better, usually as soon as that little pest cuts through the skin.

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    Default Re: amber teething necklaces?

    Gav is the first of mine to wear one, and teething is difficult, but not as long and drawn out as it was with 2 of the others (my first...I couldn't tell if he was crying from teeth or just his personality, as he cried all the time anyway). It did help with his surgeries; he wore one through all his operations. The surgeon thought I was crazy...until Gav was eating well just 18 hours after his palate repair!
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    Default Re: amber teething necklaces?

    I am aching for you. I have never heard of these amber necklaces, so I can't offer advice, but I'm sending you some calming and teeth-pain-ending mojo.
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    Default Re: amber teething necklaces?

    My mom and I don't mind them on babies neck but other people go nuts about them so I'm also using the bracelet/anklet.

    Also not all the tablets are the same. The humpry's does NOTHING for my children, I had to buy them last year when hyland's took theirs off the shelf and they were useless for us. But, the old hyland's (haven't tried the new ones yet) would help in seconds!

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    Default Re: amber teething necklaces?

    So I had ordered the single dose of chamomilla since my DD fit the description of a chamomilla child, per my homeopathy book. Yesterday evening was a huge difference! Much greater relief...I also had drank some chamomille tea (just as much for my relaxation as for DD's as well as her gassyness), and the gassyness was much less. Perhaps it was also that I felt more relaxed, especially since I was rather 'cranky' for a good portion of the day! I'm gonna still keep the amber necklaces in mind, maybe for when she's a little older and cutting molars. Hopefully by then, DH will come around...

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