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Thread: Seriously Fussy, gassy babe

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    Default Seriously Fussy, gassy babe

    Hello ladies,
    This post may be long and have some graphic poo material, sorry, but really need to get my thoughts out there.
    Our son is now almost 8 months old. He was 'colicky' since the first night that he was born and screamed most of the first three months of his life. He had trouble gaining weight and at 14 weeks I finally tried omitting dairy. I did not go crazy, but cut out obvious dairy like milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. He got significantly better, although still seemed to have trouble with gassiness and a fair amount of fussiness. I still get some dairy in the form of casein, I am sure, because I have not been regimented about looking for the hidden dairy. I also have still eaten soy cheese and soy yogurt. He seemed to be doing okay. At 5 months, he started waking every two hours all night long after being a pretty good sleeper up to that point, he usually only woke up twice to eat. At 6 months, we started with feeding him using the baby-led feeding method. He did start to gain more weight, but did not sleep any better.
    The sleeping issue really feels like gas and discomfort to me. Sometimes I nurse him back to sleep, other times I don't, but regardless of what I do, he fusses and squirms and wiggles, then farts a bunch, and goes back to sleep. He has been fine during the day, a great napper, and not really very fussy, and then night comes and he is like a different kid. I have started to slowly try to eat some dairy again, just cheese, and he seemed to be doing okay- not any less gassy or sleeping better, but not worse, either! I also occasionally have fed him soy yogurt, which has not seemed to cause any rash, tummy troubles, or other problems.
    Yesterday he was an absolute disaster- screaming, crying, fussing, etc. and then he seriously had what I would describe as the largest amount of poo I have EVER seen come out of a baby. It was fairly well formed, mushy, not hard, but there was so much of it. He pooped and pooped and pooped and pooped, I went through like seven or eight diapers in an hour. He was up most of the night last night pooping more and now has the most horrible red rashy bum. He has not had any poops today, an appropriate amount of wet diapers, and actually seemed happier and more well-adjusted today than he has EVER been. It seems like maybe he has been stopped up for weeks. He always had little tiny poos, but they were not particularly hard, so I didn't think he was constipated. He seems better after having his poo fest, but now my husband and I are not sure how to proceed. We aren't sure what set off the poo fest, and we certainly do not want him getting that backed up ever again! Today I just nursed him and did not give any solids, and plan on doing the same tomorrow. We were going to start back slowly with avocado, pear, and other soft fruits/veggies. My husband also thinks I should try a few weeks with NO dairy, hidden or otherwise, no soy, and just see what happens. The main problem we are having is the sleep issue. He is still waking every two hours and my gut instinct tells me it is related to gas. Like i said, sometimes he nurses, sometimes not, but farting abounds, and then he settles back to sleep.
    I am just looking for thoughts on what could be going on. The poo-fest may or may not be related to anything else, it just really freaked us out! But we are definitely wondering if he is still having trouble with the small hidden dairy in my diet or the soy. He generally has no rashes, no eczema, he is in the 15th% for weight, and rarely spits up. His main malfunction in life is gas and abdominal discomfort. Tomorrow I will try to completely cut out dairy, hidden dairy (casein and whey), and soy. Any other thoughts?

    Thanks for listening!

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    Default Re: Seriously Fussy, gassy babe

    Hi there!
    It definitely isn't the easiest thing to go through. My DD is 5 months old and she was colicky from 1-4 months. She is extremely gassy as well and poops about once every 7-10 days. Last month I took her to the pediatrician to see if there is something wrong or just colic. The Doctor told me it was colic but also to try and eliminate dairy, so I cut out all the main dairy, like milk, cheese, ice cream. This definitely seems to help her fussiness and I haven't dared to add back in dairy. The doctor also showed me some burping techniques. After feeding, lay the baby on the right side for a bit and then put her on your chest upright to burp. Also, burp throughout the feeding. We found this helped a whole bunch and after 3 weeks now, she is definitely about 60% less fussy and sleeping better throughout the day and night.

    I would definitely cut out the dairy again and maybe try to keep up on the burping. I recommend using the technique I explained above, it is a life saver. I feed my DD laying down in bed in the night and I always make sure she is on her right side to help with this.

    Hope this works and your son feels better soon!

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