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    I had posted this 2 weeks ago:
    I have a 14 week old boy and have been experiencing pain since the beginning. It started with cracking and bleeding until he was about 14 days old. Since then, we have been treated multiple times for thrush. This past round, I took 14 days of diflucan, we both used gentian violet; I am taking probiotics, gse tablets, Candex. I used a vinegar rinse on my nipples, gse liquid, and APNO. Nothing seems to have helped.
    My pain is more to the right breast. My nipples are both sore while nursing. At times it feels like a squeezing-type pain to my nipple. There is no deep breast pain during nursing. However, afterwards, I feel throbbing pains to my breasts. This pain is not excruciating, but it is noticeable and not pleasant. Sometimes this pain begins shortly after I am done nursing, sometimes it takes 30 minutes to half an hour. Both of my nipples/areolas are reddened and have been throughout treatment. I have some tingling to my upper back. My breasts are sore when I touch them (the breast tissue) and at times the pain goes to the base of the breast.
    I suppose I am hoping that someone out there has had a similar experience with difficult diagnoses and treatment. I have seen multiple lc's. I have been told before that I have signs of raynaud's phenomenon. Does anyone have experience with raynaud's and pain while nursing? The pain begins with latch on and soreness continues throughout.

    Since this post, my LO's frenulum had been clipped. I went to a dermatologist and was given cream for treatment of dermatitis. The redness to my nipples has decreased and the pain was getting better until today. During the last nursing session this evening, my right nipple was very painful and felt like it was being stabbed with needles. After the feeding, it is still painful and sore. I feel a throbbing/burning sensation to the breast tissue at the top of the breast. I still have soreness to the breast tissue when touched. Up until today the pain had been more towards the beginning of the feeding and the end was pretty pain-free. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I have exhausted the LC's in my area- and my OB has no more ideas on what it could be! Thanks!

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