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Thread: Feeding constantly - part II :-(

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    Default Feeding constantly - part II :-(

    Ladies, while I type this, I'm BF my almost 4 weeks old baby. We just finished a 1.5 hours nursing session 15 minutes ago, but instead of falling asleep for a couple of hours as she usually would during nights, she's asking for more. And when I offer my breast, she pulls off, agresively, she tries to grab it with her hands, it hurts! So I caress her until she finally calms down, but she won't let go. Last night it was the same. During the day I'm BF constantly, with breaks of maximum 1 hour (maximum, I insist), but during nights I normally manage to get some rest - both in terms of sleep and nipple-recovery. Not any more, apparently. I don't know what to do, how long I can go on. My nipples are so sore!
    I'm boiling some water, I'm ready to give her formula, but then I feel so guilty, and so afraid she'll give up BF and will accept only bottle.
    FTR the nurse says my baby has a very good sucking technique and we haven't had any major problems with BF. I gave her some formula occasionally because the nurse said she needed to gain weight, but I did so always with a siringue. We both hated it so I stopped it, also because she is gaining weight OK now.
    The only problem is me, actually: I need some rest, my breasts need some rest.

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    Default Re: Feeding constantly - part II :-(

    So first of all, props to you for sticking in there for long nursing sessions. They are so hard. DD1 nursed for an hour and a half each time and then slept only about 45 minutes before the next. The average newborn needs two hour feeding intervals, and what no one really mentions before birth is that it will mean two hours from the start of one session to the start of the next, not two hours in between each session. So if it takes an hour and a half to feed, that's only half an hour left before the next feed. FWIW, she WILL get more efficient. It WILL go faster, you WILL sleep more.

    For the time being, get some Lansinoh cream and make sure you're putting it on your nipples. It helps. Also, if you have someone to care for you, take them up on it. Let someone else make your meals and you just head to your bed so that you and baby can nurse and rest in bed for as long as it takes for you to feel like a human being. Your rest and well being is essential to your supply, so don't short change yourself. Once my daughter was gaining well, I let myself limit sessions by at least a little bit. I realized that for her the cuddle time was what she was craving, so we did a lot of skin to skin cuddling in a carrier while I moved around the house.

    It will get better.

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    Default Re: Feeding constantly - part II :-(

    HI welcome

    First 4 weeks is still VERY young, your milk supply is still getting established. Thats why your LO is feeding so much so that you will have a good supply, and also our LOs are used to being all cuddled up in us for the past 9months they *need* that comfort from momma, and some babys LOVE to comfort nurse and that may be what some of it is too.

    Second I feel you bout the soreness my DS #2 (baby #3) had a VERY strong suck, causing me ALOT of pain. I use lanolin and gelitin and BM and NO bra, or shirt even if that works for you.
    It does get better with my DS it took about 6weeks

    Your doing a great thing for your LO. BFing can be hard work. This is a great place for great advise and support. Hope things get better

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    Default Re: Feeding constantly - part II :-(

    It could be worse today because of a growth spurt. Aroundn3 weeks and 6 weeks, there is another growth spurt, but they can come early, and some babies just seem to spend their first 6 weeks in a growth spurt and eat every 1-2 hours. I have had 2 such, one nursed and one not...

    I will tell you this...bottlefeeding an infant during a growth spurt is NOT easy. BTDT. Inhad to pump and bottlefeed my fourth because he could not nurse, andit was hard and very time consuming, way worse than breastfeeding through It. Instead, take that baby and go lay down and nurse. You will feel rested, you can read or surf the net on your phone, and you will get through
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    Default Re: Feeding constantly - part II :-(

    Thank you, ladies. I'll try to find that lanolin cream here where I live. I'm sure it will help.

    I know things will get better at some point - it's just sometimes I'm soooo tired, frustrated, confused... So it's great to have this site for those moments of almost-desperation. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Feeding constantly - part II :-(

    The cream is helping! Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Feeding constantly - part II :-(

    You are doing great!! Keep using the sling so that you can move about the house and get proficient with nursing in it. Learning to nurse in a sling/wrap will come in handy when you venture out of the house.

    Try to stay in bed as much as possible for the next few days.

    One other thing that helped me feel more human in the beginning, at about 5 weeks or so was getting out of the house. Even if only to go for a walk with W in the moby or to the grocery for a gallon of milk (I think it was about 8 weeks before we went on big grocery trips). The fresh air will be good for both you and baby.
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