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Thread: Need help with bedtime routine

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    Default Need help with bedtime routine

    I have nursed my DD, now 17 mths, to sleep every night since she was born. She has always needed a very quiet environment to nurse which worked out well since my DH and DS (DS is 4 and still in our bed) go to bed around 7:00 every night. My DD and I would stay in the livingroom and nurse and then I put her to bed (in her own crib) after she is asleep. Now she is very aware that DH and DS are upstairs in bed (usually with TV on) and wants to go upstairs with them. This keeps my DH and DS up because DD wants to play. She cries and throws tantrums when I tell her not to go upstairs and redirect her. I feel terrible about this...I don't want to yell at her as I believe in gentle discipline. I can't blame her for wanting to be with them but it is bed time and we all need to sleep. I have tried to have her sleep with me on a matress in our bedroom but she keeps me up and she doesn't sleep as well either. Does anyone have any suggestions on a bed time routine that works for all of us?

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    My husband also does bedtime for our ds. My daughter is 16 months and nothing pops her off the breast at bedtime faster than hearing her dad and brother come in the room.

    Consistency is the key. Whatever routine you choose, stick with it for a while to see if it will work. If it doesn't then modify it a bit and try again. I've found that I needed to make sure my husband understands that they are keeping her up. They now make sure they do their bedtime quieter for the whole family's sake.

    If your dd will go to sleep with you in the bed, you could always move her after she falls into a deep sleep, similar to moving from the living room to her bed. Of course, this assumes you won't fall asleep too!

    Many people recommend bath, books, rocking, then bed. It's hard, I know. At this age they feel so big and demand to do what they want when they want! Maybe your dh and ds could 'show' her they are going to sleep by letting her come in the room with the lights off to say goodnight as part of the routine. Then they could continue their routine quietly.
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    Default Re: Need help with bedtime routine

    Have you tried a white nose machine or something like that so that she can not hear them? We use one bc we have a small house and 2 barky dogs etc, that may help? Blessings!

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