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Thread: Weight issues/weak suck?

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    Unhappy Weight issues/weak suck?

    We've had lengthy trials and tribulations in our attempt to breastfeed

    At 5 weeks out my son is not back to his birthweight yet. We have seen an LC and I though we had gotten the issues with latch ironed out, we were finally making progress on just breastmilk. His current schedule is on demand, every 2 hours, plenty of wet diapers (10-12 a day) and he has yellow seedy poops every 3 days or so(doc said this is fine). But even with the increased feeding schedule, he still dropped half an ounce, and what's more telling is that he hasn't actually really gained significantly in a week despite eating what seems like constantly.

    I wonder if he has a weak suck, which has then in turn told my breasts "hey we don't need that much" which has led to loss in production.

    When I called the LC she was at a loss as well, I've tried fenugreek and mothers milk tea (gross), she said she would call me back in a bit with ideas but honestly I'm not sure I'm going to hear back from her as its been several hours. My doc wants me to try reglan but I'm not sure how to address the underlying issues of his latch/suck. We see the ped tomorrow and I'm sure they will want him back in formula.

    I'm trying hard not to give up but I admit I'm at my wits end, I just want my boy to gain weight and be healthy.

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    Aw, mama! That sounds so difficult. It must be very hard to be doing everything right and yet not getting the results you deserve.

    Here are some things which I would suggest, which may help:
    1. Rent a professional baby scale. By weighing baby before and after feedings, and subtracting the before from the after, it is possible to get an accurate measure of how much milk baby took in while nursing. If you do weigh-feed-weigh measurements for several days, you gain a good picture of what baby's milk intake is really like. Don't do just one or two measurements and call it a day: any given feeding can be much larger or much smaller than average. You really need a lot of data before you can figure out what the real pattern is. Do not try to rely on a cheap baby scale or bathroom scale: you need something which is accurate to a tenth of an oz or so!
    2. Pump. If there is a problem with supply, pumping frequently with a high-quality pump ( think hospital-grade rental) will do more for you than any supplement or drug. And if you must supplement, the ideal is to supplement with your own milk rather than formula.
    3. Make sure your baby is being weighed naked, and always on the same scale. There can be significant offsets in calibration between scales.

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    I just wanted to say pp gave you GREAT advise! My DS was slow to gain and wasn't back to BW till he was almost 2mo so I know how you feel He is almost 1 and has been off F.supps for 6+ months. He also had a VERY weak latch, I did all of the above suggestions and it was a long struggle but we did it and you can too.

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