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Thread: Mixing breast milk

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    Default Mixing breast milk

    I was just wondering if it is acceptable to mix breast milk together from different pumping sessions. I don't have a whole lot of milk coming in right now, but wanted to start keeping ahead of things for when I go back to work. Is it acceptable to mix together everything you have pumped in one day in a storage bag before freezing?

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    Yes. Always date it with the oldest date if they come from different days. With all three of mine I would freeze 4 oz bags once I got that much collected; usually over two days. Remember you don't need a huge stash since normally you will pump at work what your LO needs for the next day. I aimed to have 2 to 3 days in the freezer, which corresponded to 24-36 oz.
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    I mix my pumpings at work all.the.time.

    I don't refrigerate my milk at work while pumping, so I add fresh pumped milk to room temperature milk. Depending on how often you pump, you can do that (then you don't have to worry about the fresh milk warming up the chilled milk). Or chill the fresh milk before adding to other milk so the temperature doesn't raise.

    Before I returned to work I would mix pumpings over a day and then freeze, depending on what size I wanted to freeze (I would have to save up to freeze a 4-6 oz bag back then!)
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    Absolutely okay. I used to mix milk from the same day all the time (this is actually a good idea anyway for moms with oversupply or foremilk/hindmilk issues), with no change to my routine whatsoever. I agree that if you mix older with newer, follow guidelines as applicable for the older milk, because it will spoil faster.

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