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    Hi! I have a 7 month old little girl. She cut her two bottom teeth (quite easily, thankfully!!) but she has started biting me. I've gotten two pieces of advice. First one, to just set her down without saying anything and the second saying "No Bite" and touching her bottom lip. Has anyone had any experience that would be willing to share? I feel like I am so tense in her feedings, where it used to a sweet and relaxed time. I am almost dreading her feedings and miss looking forward to our time.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Ok people might give me crap for this and I probably would if I hadn't been given the advice from my mom who is the most gentle and sweet person in the world but when my daughter at about 8 months bit me (she had two bottom and two top teeth) what I did was poke her in the side of the mouth with my finger. Like her cheek. I didn't poke hard enough to hurt her, but it unlatched her and I said "no" in a firm voice and put her away from the breast. She cried for a minute or so and then I latched her back on. She didn't bite again that feeding. It took 3 times poking her before she never bit again. It's what my mom did with all of us. It might sound mean but you don't do it hard, just enough for a bit of a shock. I think it hurt her feelings more than anything else. Good luck!

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