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Thread: My old frienemy, thrush. *sob*

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    Default My old frienemy, thrush. *sob*

    Holding LO upside down this morning (does anyone else have a child who requests this all the time?), I saw the telltale white covering the inside of his cheeks. My nips have always been sore on and off, but his latch is often lazy. I was hoping it was teething, the second cold in a month, distractibility. I'm just not sure I have it in me to fight another long battle with thrush! We had it on and off for 6 months, and I've been feeling so, well, so FREE without it. Today I feel crushed.

    I called in the diflucan refill, and will start the round of vinegar cleaning, etc., after nap today. But right now I just feel discouraged. Lttle bub is a year in less than a month, and lately I've been preparing my DH for the land of toddler nursing. but I really don't know if I can keep nursing a toddler with an ongoing case of thrush. Back in my thrush days, a year seemed impossible, and everyday I thought, well, we can withstand today and quit tomorrow. Then we got over the thrush and I grew to love nursing! Will I hate it again? Is it really worth it to continue through pain after a year? When do I say enough?

    I don't really have questions. I think I just need some sympathy and reassurance. Unless someone discovered a failsafe cure for thrush, like, yesterday? That would be some good news.


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    Default Re: My old frienemy, thrush. *sob*

    Ah I am so sorry! I have been battling thrush for a while now too. I guess I don't really have any advice besides my opinion which is to not give up. To keep plugging through it and you will continue to enjoy nursing as much as you do now. My bet is the diflucan will clear it up in one try and you'll be good Haha I know it probably won't be that simple but just maybe it will be! I wouldn't wean and give up just yet. Have you tried probiotics and eating tons of yogurt? Same for Felix since he is old enough for it now.

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