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Thread: To Wake or Not To Wake?

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    Default To Wake or Not To Wake?

    My darling bean is 6 days old and since day 3 she has been sleeping nearly through the night. This being my 4th baby I find it really really odd lol. She is also a VERY deep sleeper so even changing her diaper and stripping her down and being skin to skin doesnt wake her. It is by complete miracle that i get her to wake when i do because nothing works twice. My supply is always very very high but usually the engorgment is done with by now...I know its still early on but how in the world do i get her to wake up to relieve me more often? Should I wake her or no? I know that I can pump but I refuse to bottle feed it to her and I REALLY doubt she would wake for that...Im so out of my realm on this one.

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    At 6 days old, you want to wake her. Every 3-4 hours. And watch diaper output. When a baby sleeps like yours is, you want to worry- at least a little bit- about how much milk she's getting. Sleepy babies sometimes just don't take in enough.

    Tricks you can try:
    - annoy her by running a cool damp washrag against the grain of her hair or across the soles of her feel
    - turn on a fan
    - express some milk onto her lips or into her mouth- the taste may remind her to wake and nurse
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    I agree with mommal, this is potentially an issue in a baby so young. Is her output (poops) normal? How often is baby nursing when awake? If the poops are normal in frequency and amount, and she is nursing well at least 10 times a day, this may be this baby's normal, but I would still be a little concerned due to the hit your milk supply is taking by being engorged so much, and the other potential issues with engorgement (plugs, mastitis.)

    Here are some more ideas for waking baby. Also, have you tried nursing baby while she is asleep?

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    I would wake! I agree with pp. My 4 week old was sleeping 20 + hrs a day up till a week or so ago and I would wake her every 2-3 to nurse and to switch her night/ days, she was spending most of her awake time at night so it was more of an issue, but now that my supply is fully established and she is successfully turned around I no longer need to wake her. I am sure it will all work out mama, but she's too little not to be woken up and fed.

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    She did better last night...seems she is having a growth spurt. And she will NOT nurse if she is asleep. She is a baby who very much loves sleep no matter what time of day. However, last night she nursed every 2 hours...Her output is good I think. I change her every time she nurses. I cant seem to remember ANYTHING and you think with it being my 4th I would be a pro. When she is nursing though she nurses for at very minimum 20 minutes. Its usually 30 to 40 minutes. so maybe this is why it doesnt seem that frequent? Idk Im hoping she sticks with this schedule cause its much nicer on mommy! Engorgement SUCKS!

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