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    So I have already posted about my son's weaning. He is super excited about his weaning party. My twin daughters have a birthday next month and we've been planning their birthday party and everytime we do we also have to talk about his weaning party. I thought we could go to chuck e cheese or maybe even go ice skating because that's what we are doing for the twins party and he says he wants to do that of course depending on when he weans there will be other options.

    What I was wondering for those of you that had a weaning party was who did you invite. Most people don't know I am nursing and my son mentioned he wanted to invite his cousins which would mean inviting my sisters who haven't been supportive and I kind of worry about the remarks they might make around him on a day he should feel so proud I don't want him to be teased.

    I was orginally thinking it just be Me,DH, DD, DD, and the guest of honor. But now I think he expects more, he wants a real party. Would love to hear what some of you ladies did to celebrate such a special day.
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    I linked in our thread. I don't think you were here when it happened. We invited two friends of mine from here. One who live by us and one who traveled with her family from Washingto and took pictures. My DH took off work and we invited 3 friends from preschool http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...oday-s-the-Day

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