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Thread: Only wanting to nurse on one side

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    Default Only wanting to nurse on one side

    My son is 2 and 1/2 months old, and so far breastfeeding has been going fairly well... until about a week ago when he began refusing to nurse on the left side during the day. At night, when we're laying down, he nurses from that side just fine. But during the day, it's nearly impossible to get him to feed on the left. He'll act hungry, open his mouth real wide, but when I go to latch him on, he arcs his back and turns his head side to side. After struggling like this for 5-10 minutes, I give up and put him on the right side, where he happily latches on and eats for a good 10-20 minutes. It drives me bonkers! I've tried the cradle hold, the football hold, the crossover, tummy to tummy... nothing seems to work. I haven't seen any signs of an ear infection, so I don't think that's the case. Is there a way I can coax him into eating on the left side? I feel like I've tried it all. Should I start pumping on the left side when he refuses to eat from it? I'm worried that my supply might drop since that one seems to be neglected for most of the day.

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    Can you lay down during the day and nurse on the left side as you do at night?

    Does baby usually nurse one side at a time or does he switch sides during feedings, usually?

    You may want to pump a bit to keep things 'even' while you figure this out, but it seems like a hassle to pull out the pump if there is some way to get baby to nurse.

    Sometimes babies don't like to nurse on a particular side due to forceful letdown, is that a possiblility? Much more rarely, they may refuse a certain side due to very slow letdown. But in my experience, this kind of late breast refusal on one side is a positioning issue where baby is just not comfortable on that side for some reason, so keep working on positioning as well?

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    My 7.5 mo old DD often has issues feeding from my left side (and won't really feed properly in any postion other than laying down).

    I can sometimes get her to feed on the left breast by lying on my right side and leaning across so she is feeding from the top breast.

    I've also had success by laying DD on her back on our bed and crouching over her on all fours with my left breast dangling down into her mouth. Not very glamorous, but she seems to think it is a bit of a game and will latch on and then I can roll onto my side with her still attached!

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    He was at a point where he would only nurse on one side, then went through a stage where he was wanting both, and now we're here at this only wanting the right side during the day thing. I can get him to nurse on the left side during the day if I'm laying on my side (though sometimes laying down to nurse is impossible, if it's a busy day), so perhaps it is just a positioning thing. It sure is frustrating, whatever it is. I guess I'll just have to keep experimenting with different positions.

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