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Thread: New mom, breastfeeding issues :(

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    Unhappy New mom, breastfeeding issues :(

    First sorry if o have writing mistake haha i'm spanish speaker.

    My baby has 4 weeks old, when he's feeding he felts sleeps after 10 minutes or less, so he awake 2 hrs later or less. Sometimes i think that my milk dosen't full him because when i pump it just pump 1 to 2 oz or less

    Sometimes he feed during 10 to 20 minutes and seems is not getting satisfice and he is not getting sleep.


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    Hi mama! welcome. I will gladly answer with my opinion, but if it's helpful, there are forums here that are Spanish only.

    Pumping output is NOT an indication of whether or not your baby is getting enough milk, either is how your breast feel. What you should look at is his diaper output and general mood, is he having 6 or more wet diapers in a 24 hour period? Is he active/alert at all during the day with the normal sleepy baby issues other times? If so then just keep nursing of demand, that is the best way to signal your body to make the amount of milk baby needs.

    This thread has a lot of links

    One of the Spanish forums
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    First 4weeks is still so young. How many wet/dirty diapers is he having a day? Is he gaining weight? It is VERY NORMAL for BF babys to eat EVERY 2 hours (mine ate every hour) And sleeping for 2 hours after nursing is GREAT. Breast milk is VERY easy to digest, thats why they eat more often. Pumping is not a good indicator of what your LO is getting, your baby is MUCH more effective than the pump, however 1-2 oz is a normal amount to pump. Are you pumping after you BF?
    Try not to worry about how many minutes hes at the breast, there is NO right or wrong amount of time, feeding on demand and watching his cues for hunger and at least 8-12 feedings in 24 hours.
    3 out of my 5 were EVERY HOUR eaters They love to comfort nurse

    Hope some of this helped, let us know. There are MANY wise mommas on here with all kinds of help. YOU CAN DO IT! The first few months are the hardest but we are here for you

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    Do not worry! It is very normal for him to want to eat very often while he is still this young! I agree with what the other people have said. Do not give up! It will get easier I promise. He is growing and needs to eat often. As he gets bigger he will eat a bit less often. Don't worry about pumping too much, you don't need to You will make plenty of milk with him breastfeeding. Good luck!

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    Agree with pp. So many moms make the mistake of thinking they don't make enough due to pump output or baby wanting to nurse frequently, when in fact it is GOOD and NORMAL for a baby to want to nurse very, very frequently in the first couple of months, and pump output tells you next to nothing. Let me put it this way-actual low supply due to physical/hormonal etc. factors is very rare, but mom THINKING they have low supply is epidemic.

    Many moms get hung up on the idea that the baby should not want to nurse more than every two to three hours. This is likely because someone told them "nurse every two to three hours." But this is a MINIMUM frequency suggestion, and for many babies just a few weeks old, they are going to want to nurse much more frequently than that. Most babies prefer to nurse in a 'cluster' pattern where they may nurse very very frequently part of the day-every hour or half hour even-and then take a longer break to sleep once or twice a day. That is why at LLL we don't tell moms to nurse every such and such hours, but rather suggest that it is important very young babies nurse a minimum of 10 -12 times in 24 hours, and nurse according to baby's cues and mom's desire. Basically, if eitther of you feel like nursing, that is the time to nurse.

    If nursing is not comfortable for you, this kind of frequncy is a problem, but the fix is to find ways to make nursing more comfortable and enjoyable for you, because this kind of frequency is normal, needed and expected.

    If baby is nursing frequently, pooping enough and gaining, no need to worry so much about how long each session is. If baby is not gaining approriately, that is different.

    article: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing.html

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    My little one is 7 weeks and still nurses every 2 hrs and only nurses for 10 minutes max. All little ones are different, but if you have good diaper output and weight gain your doing great. Hang in there : )

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