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Thread: 9 month old "failure to thrive"

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    Thanks for all the words of encouragement, it really does make me feel a lot better. I know that she is "thriving" and the Dr. does too, he was just concerned that if her body wasn't growing, her brain wouldn't be either. I will post an update after next week's weight check. But thank you again for the support.

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    My DS also has been having slow weight gain. Pedi drew a bunch of labs last week which were normal. Have you had labs drawn to look at protein, electrolytes, etc? I was told that this helps rule out any issue with absorption. I have been working closely with an LC and actually had my breast milk spun to analyze calorie content. The LC then taught me how to pump off fore milk so i can give him a small bottle of hind milk (which can get up to 50 cal/ounce) to see if he will gain weight that way.
    Good luck.

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    Default 9 month old "failure to thrive" UPDATE

    Well it was another disappointing week at the Dr. and my husband wants to not go back for a while to avoid the stress of the numbers on the scale.

    She lost three ounces in a week, so she's down to 14.7. The Dr. actually didn't have much (good) advice, he seemed at a loss for words. He reiterated that she needed to stay on each breast for 15 minutes, which I know is unrealistic, and that she needed at least 24 ounces of milk a day. She refuses a bottle so it's hard to know how much she's getting. I called a lactation nurse and she said to try to give her more fatty solids. My daughter is not a huge fan of solids at this point, so that's also a bit unrealistic, but we're trying.

    I think it might be worth it to do lab work and possibly rent a scale, but I just want to take a break from the stress for a few weeks and just enjoy my little baby.

    Thanks again for the advice and support; I've noticed a lot of slow weight gain posts recently so it's nice to know this isn't an uncommon issue. The Dr. seemed like he had never encountered a baby with slow weight gain.

    One more question about nursing before giving solids: should I nurse immediately before offering solids, or wait an hour so that's she's more hungry and apt to eat? My mom keeps saying that she's too full from nursing to want to eat anything. I think she's just not super interested either way. Thanks!

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    I usually wait about 20 mins. Have you ever considered an absorption issue? When I was trying to bulk Sam up we also thinned out mashed avocado and froze it in an ice cube tray and let him chew on a cube in a mesh feeder. I also added coconut oil to everything. He loved it on waffles and toast.
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    Full fat yogurt (like stoneyfield) is a great source of fat that babies generally love. I mix my son's with some quinoa to get him some protein too!
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