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Thread: Twiddling

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    so no answers, but at least we can keep each other company. DD is into playing with moles and general nursing acrobatics, especially at night...... the fun of toddlers.
    i just hope she doesn't find the other nipple-i try to keep it covered so she is less apt to notice it...
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    oh my goodness i was thinking about writing just about this. We are going through this right now. My dd seems to be so comforted by it, there is twiddling, pushing my nipple all the way in (ouch), pinching, tapping ... lol makes me laugh sometimes and just drives me up the wall, and if i try to stop her she gets soo upset and slaps my chest.. she is strong.. ouch.. this is at night before bed time..

    During the day she nurses and moves around allover the place, sticking her little bottom in the air and sticking her legs up.. i wonder is she is still latched and when i look or feel there she is...

    umm i have no advice... i feel for you mama.. i feel for me too .. good luck!! hope it gets boring for her soon...

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    waw, thank you friends.

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