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Thread: Twiddling

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    I'm sorry, I pull my little girl's hand out so fast if she twiddles with the other side or my nursing tank or anything and then get a stuffed animal for her to hold. Ugh, it seriously makes my skin crawl.
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    You definitely have my sympathy!

    I always keep the other side covered, but over the past month (he's 14 months now) my son has been plunging his hand down my shirt and fidgeting around. I remove his hand immediately and cover the breast with my hand. So far he has given up pretty easily, but I'm a little worried that it could escalate. I physically cannot nurse him if he twiddles. I absolutely cannot stand it.

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    I had never heard of the term twiddling before but I thought it was only me when I would get upset by all the touching, pinching and scratching while nursing. It is so nice when you read that you are not alone!
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    I am right there with you. Lately he has been sticking one finger fully into his mouth while he is latched on. He somehow manages to extract milk while doing this. The problem for me is that no matter how nicely I trim his nails, it's like a razor digging into my areola each time he sucks. Oh the joys of twiddling.
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    I didn't know anyone else had this problem! It makes me crazy. I tell my two year old to stop or we're done nursing, and that usually works.
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    My DS who is almost 3 still twiddles. It doesn't really bother me unless he gets too into it and pinches me. Definitely one of the big reasons we try to keep his nails short! If I tell him to not touch the "milkies" he usually stops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sueswan View Post
    I didn't know anyone else had this problem! It makes me crazy. I tell my two year old to stop or we're done nursing, and that usually works.
    This is us except it doesn't work when she is falling asleep or actually asleep at night. It didn't bother me until I got my libido back about 6 months ago and it bothers me more or less depending on where I am in my cycle so I know part of my issue with it is hormonal...
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    OMG, yes! I struggle with this ALL the time. I usually hand her the blanket she loves most so she can scrunch and bunch it if she's pulling at the nipple, but there are other times (especially in public) that she throws all out fits if she doesn't have full view of a mole on my chest that I SWEAR she has claimed ownership of. She pokes it every time she nurses and when I'm trying to be discreet in public she can't really see it, so she fights to get all of my shirt off just to get a good look while she nurses. So weird. My least favorite is the sneak attack while we co-sleep in the mornings when I'm half nodded off and all of a sudden wake to a nipple tweak and a smiling toddler It's so awful and then so wonderful all at once.. and then awful again as the twiddling continues!

    Do they grow out of it?

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    AH! My DD just started doing this at like 20 mos! And it's driving me NUTS! I'm pregnant as well, so my nips are sore, and I just cannot take it. I move her hand right away. In fact, if I even feel her hand inching toward my other breast, I usually move it in the other direction right away.

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    I have two moles on my stomach that are now scarred and sometimes bleed from my daughter's incessant twiddling. If it's not either mole it's my other nipple. I have tried to cover them with band-aids but she pulls those off which doesn't feel good either. So it's a constant battle of covering whatever she is irritating at the moment or pulling her hand away. I love breastfeeding but this is the reason why I will stop also. It's not just uncomfortable but painful. I don't know what to do about it.
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