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Thread: I want to wean but I'm scared...

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    Question I want to wean but I'm scared...

    First, a little info about me: I'm 25 and am married. We have 3 children ages 9, 4, & 14 months(the 2 oldest are mine from other relationships). I breastfed the first two until right before they turned 3. My DH and I have agreed that the baby can nurse until he's 18 months but I'm ready now because we want another baby and my periods haven't returned. He is a BIG momma's boy and I'm afraid it's going to get ugly when I try to wean. Also, DH works out of town 4 days a week, so he's not much help. Any advice????

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    Default Re: I want to wean but I'm scared...

    How often is your baby currently nursing? Sometimes it only takes a small change in nursing patterns for periods to return. If she is still nursing a lot at night, you could try starting with that. A drop in night nursing, especially with a lengthy stretch without nursing is often enough to bring back your cycle.

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    Default Re: I want to wean but I'm scared...

    I'm also nursing a 14 month old. I weaned my first two at 17 months and 14 1/2 months (both because I was pregnant with the next). For me weaning at this age is a lot about distractions and keeping them full. I joked that I weaned my first son with bananas. Going outside was also helpful. As was avoiding sitting down and never letting the baby see me without my shirt on.

    Sometimes I was nursing out of habit. Baby was fussy and hungry I sat down to nurse. The baby of course was fine with that but he/she might also have been fine with a sippy cup and a snack. I never nursed on any type of schedule until I needed to wean. Then I had to put them on a schedule to get a grip on how often the baby was really nursing. After a few days of trying not to offer so much and seeing when the baby really wanted to nurse I could figure out which nursing I wanted to drop first. I start with the night time nursing for obvious reasons (sleep). For you that might be a good place to start if you're hoping to start cycling again. For me night weaning led to a big rise in daytime nursing. Actually if I remember right my first had given up daytime nursing until I night weaned but then started nursing a lot during the day. I let him nurse as much during the day as he wanted until we had the nights down. I realized later that I probably could have abbreviated some of his daytime nursing sessions but I was feeling bad about the nights.

    Since I was generally nursing my babies to sleep for naps too; I moved the nursing from before the nap to after the nap. I accomplished this by whatever means necessary -- with my daughter I let her fall asleep in the car for awhile. With her I dreaded giving up the before bed nurse, but it ended up being so easy. One night I hadn't even planned on doing it, but I took her up stairs to nurse and instead we started looking at this book and I spent along time looking at it with her and then laid her down. She was fine. With my first I droped a feeding every 5 days. With my daughter she really didn't want to budge for several weeks and I was getting concerned but then she dropped all 3 in like 4 days -- my dad was visiting at the time so I joked that my daughter forgot about nursing because Papa was so much more interesting.

    Sorry this is long, I hope it helps. Good luck.

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