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Thread: supply regulated.pump--> now oversupply?

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    Default supply regulated.pump--> now oversupply?

    My supply regulated a few days back. I actually thought I went into undersupply as baby was/is feeding constantly and getting frustrated n crying cos she is used to easily getting milk out. So I decided to pump a bit more out than usual for the past 3 days just to up it a bit. (she is bottlefed BM 1/day) Day 1: 50ml expressed. Day 2: 120ml expressed. day 3: 200ml expressed.

    This morning my breasts are super engorged. Have I put myself back in oversupply? And so quickly?!

    Gosh I thought that once regulated, since the breasts go into autocrine mode, we should not be going into oversupply?

    Does this mean I have to go back to block feeding to regulate my supply again?

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    Default Re: supply regulated.pump--> now oversup

    No, I would not block feed at this point. I notice that my supply fluctuates based on how much he's been nursing. Right now he's getting teeth and I've been making a lot of milk (he's 1). Don't block feed unless you are having persistent oversupply that affects you or baby (like mastitis for you or major stomach issues for him, kwim?)
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    Default Re: supply regulated.pump--> now oversup

    Some moms are really sensitive to any change in output...they make more milk in response so....cut back a bit. A day or two, and you will be comfortable again.
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    Default Re: supply regulated.pump--> now oversup

    the funny thing is:
    my left breast is super engorged ( rock hard w lumps), while my right breast is pretty much normal.
    Should I keep feeding her on the right breast so that the left one will reduce production? or do I still keep on switching sides as per normal?

    thks ladies!

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    Default Re: supply regulated.pump--> now oversup

    i tend to get oversupply REALLY easily. i've struggled with it on and off for my baby's first 7 months, and even now, if i'm not careful, my breasts go into overproduction. whenever i feel that i'm making more than she eats, i block-feed. i have to do two feedings on the same breast in a row, and sometimes it means blocks of 6 hours! if you have a tendency to oversupply, you should definitely be vigilant, because it can cause other problems (i, for example, am prone to plugged ducts).

    as for the difference in the two breasts... if it were me, i would nurse on the engorged breast first, for maybe a couple of feedings, to relieve engorgement, and then block-feed. it is a more gradual way of reducing production and also safer for your breast (in terms of preventing plugs).
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