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Thread: Period back @6 months

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    Hi there! Wanted to ask about the dreaded return of the period. DS is 6 months and nurses every 2 1/2-3 hrs, then once in the night usually so about 7 times on average per day. I started solids a week ago - just rice mixed with breast milk, no more than 1/4 cup one time per day and then yesterday I got my period back. I'm so discouraged because I was planning to nurse him till at least 18 months - longer if it still works for both of us. When I nursed DD 5 years ago, I also got my period back at 6 months but she was sleeping through the night from 4 months on and only nursed every 4 hours. By one year, the supply was pretty low and by 13 months she refused any more. With her, I tried too hard to schedule her and looking back, it wasn't the most pleasant choice for either of us. So this time has been a much more baby-led experience and it's been great - until the period returned!! What is going on? Will I have a downhill battle now with supply?

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    just keep doing what you're doing (feeding on demand)! your supply shouldn't suffer, although some women find it dips a bit just before AF but then bounces back no problem. you didn't do anything to cause your period to return (some women get it back at 6 weeks who are still nursing all night and some are lucky enough to not get it back until they wean). try to let go of your fears from the experience with your first LO... as long as you're feeding on demand you're on the right track. I got AF back at 7 months and was worried like you, but my DD is still nursing strong at a year now with no signs of letting up.
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    Ha, I got my period back yesterday too! There must be something in the air.

    My LO is almost 10 months though. I think it depends on many things, not just on your nursing patterns--it's also a combination of how your body works, and everyone is different. I suppose it's the same about supply. My supply didn't change at all between ovulation and the first day of the period. Now, this is my first baby and first period, so I don't know how it's going to be the next time, but I suppose it's hard to predict. Probably also hard to predict it for you this time around... All to say, don't feel defeated before it happens... it might all work out fine.
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    Every woman is different, the timing of your return of fertility CAN have nothing to do with your nursing pattern. I got my period at 6 months with both of my babies and continued to nurse them both with no problems (well, none related to my period). My daughter nursed until she was 2.

    Like the pp said, you might have a temporary dip the 2-3 days before you start each month but it bounces right back. And you might not ever notice it if you are nursing directly, other than an increase in baby's nursing sessions. The only reason I noticed is because I was pumping and my output would drop those days.
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