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Thread: oversupply n OALD--> lazy sucker?

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    Default oversupply n OALD--> lazy sucker?

    My breast supply regulated, then I accidentally brought it back into oversupply n OALD with pumping.

    I was wondering if this continuous oversupply n OALD will make my lil girl into a lazy and inefficient sucker? When my supply regulated, she got very angry and frustrated constantly hitting the breasts. Now I'm back in oversupply and she seems happy again...but in the long term will she forget how to latch on because my milk just flows out? ( no sucking is needed, once I massage the nipple milk just continuously streams out)

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    Default Re: oversupply n OALD--> lazy sucker?

    Of course it's hard to predict, but babies change as they grow. As their mouths get bigger and stronger, they'll also get milk out of you more easily, so what seems like a big effort now might feel different to her in a little while.

    I went through something similar with my baby when my supply adjusted. She would get impatient because the let-down was taking longer, would fuss and hit my breasts too. I thought, oh-oh, I'm in for some tough nursing times, but then, after a few days, baby learned and adjusted too! She learned that it now takes longer for milk to flow and that it won't gush out as easily. She stopped hitting, never bit me, she just waits. She even learned that she doesn't have to do a whole lot of sucking to stimulate my let-down, but rather just suckle a little, then wait with my breast in her mouth, not even moving, until milk starts to flow.

    There's always a period of adjustment for mom and baby when patterns change (with breastfeeding and other stuff), but they are quick learners and if you show patience and calm, they'll pick up on it and react accordingly.
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    Default Re: oversupply n OALD--> lazy sucker?

    She won't get to where she won't nurse. She might get mad about it, because once your supply does regulate for good (which will happen. Eventually) it will be slower, but she will be OK.

    I have bad OS and OALD with every baby that lasts for some months. But we always have made it through and nursed well into their second year.
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