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Thread: Baby never happy/content after feeding

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    This is my 2nd baby, he is 6 weeks now and he is never not fussy. He is not inconsolable, but seems to be struggling with digestion all the time. He gets especially fussy at the end of a feeding. Could it be the dairy I am eating? I have decided to cut out dairy for 2 weeks, has anyone had experience with this helping? How long before I see results? A friend had the same symptoms with her daughter, switched her to Gerber good start gentle and saw a vast improvement, but I don't want to switch to formula.

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    There are TONS of success stories here in terms of elimination diets. Are you seeing blood speck in the stool? It could be dairy. Or a ton of other things. Check out the allergy forum. There you will see what the most common signs are of different allergies and intolerance. And How elimination diets work. You can work it out. For sure.

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    I cut out dairy when DS was 8 weeks old because he was spitting up "rivers of milk", had green nasty poos and was in obvious discomfort and gassy. I started eating daisy again when he was just over 3 months old and he is doing fine! Now, this goes to say that it could also have been oversupply or even a reaction to beef but I'm eating dairy again and he's fine and if I did have oversupply it's regulated. I mention beef because I noticed that whenever I acidently ate dairy I also had beef that same day. I haven't experimented with beef yet. Honestly, it could be anything but dairy is the culprit for a lot of mamas.
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    If eliminating dairy is not a huge hardship for you, then you can try it. But true food sensitivity/allergy via breastmilk is very rare. Dairy protein is the most common and it still only affects a tiny percentage of babies.

    Far more common an issue is forceful letdown. Whenever I hear "the baby was fussy/gassy/spitting up etc. and mom went to a 'formula' and that solved everything" I immediately suspect the mom had forceful letdown, and what 'solved' it was the baby being bottle fed, (so, moms letdown became irrelevant) not the baby being given a vastly inferior to breastmilk substitute. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the effects of forceful letdown while continuing to happily nurse baby and without resorting to putting baby on formula with all the attendant health risks of formula feeding.

    Info on forceful letdown here: http://kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html

    Another possibility is reflux. Also, some babies are just more fussy. If baby is gaining well and otherwise healthy, you may need not do anything but relax and comfort your baby as needed.

    PS are you aware that the first listed ingredient in the specific formula you mention is whey protein from cows milk? Not what I would give a baby I suspect has a dairy allergy.

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    with the PPs, but especially with the following:

    Whenever I hear "the baby was fussy/gassy/spitting up etc. and mom went to a 'formula' and that solved everything" I immediately suspect the mom had forceful letdown, and what 'solved' it was the baby being bottle fed,
    I have also heard moms say that formula "solved" their babies' fussiness issues, only to discover that the moms in question had comletely unrealistic expectations of how often their babies should be eating. One of my neighbors, for example, formula-fed her second child because he wanted to be held and to eat "all the time"- which turned out to be every 1-3 hours, a totally normal feeding frequency for a breastfed baby. What really solved the "problem" in my neighbor's case was that by using formula, she was able to stuff her kid so full by using a bottle that he would go 3-4 hours between feedings, and he was so full after eating that he would just pass out and not need to be held. Her life got a lot easier, but the cost was feeding her baby in a way that was completely inferior.

    If you don't want to use formula, don't use it. That's frequently the only thing that separates a woman who wanted to be successful at breastfeeding from the woman who IS successful at breastfeeding. With all due respect to your friend, when someone tells you how formula was "necessary" in their specific case, they may be subconsciously trying to offload some of the guilt they feel for not nursing their babies.

    Does the fussiness strike at any particular time of day, mama? Maybe in the afternoon/evening?

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