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    My LO is 10 1/2 weeks old. So a few days ago she started getting fussier than usual. She fussed off and on all day and didn't have a single bowel movement. (She usually has 2-3 or more a day. This was the first time she's went a day without any.) Then the next day, same thing. Fussy and only a tiny smear in her diaper. She had a crying spell middle of the day and I gave her gripe water (for the first time ever) and she calmed down immediatly after. Then yesterday, she finally had a couple bowel movements that were pretty big. But still fussy. Today, shes had 2 so far but they have been big and bright orange and stringy like and had a different smell than usual. More of an unpleasent smell. Also, for the last few days all she has wanted to do is cuddle on my chest and suck on her binky. She won't stand for me to put her down for longer than a couple of minutes and cries till I pick her back up. (No matter how long I sit her down for) And has been taking a lot of naps throughout the day. Which isn't typical for her. But when she falls asleep on my chest, I'm usually able to lay her down beside me and she stays asleep for 30 minutes - 2 hours. She is still sleeping fine at night. (having a good 5-7 hours of sleep before she wakes up to nurse. then wakes up a couple hours later and nurses again and then either falls back asleep or just gets up) I took her temp earlier and it was 97.5 on a digital thermomator under the arm. Which I read online that is normal. She is fully breastfed and has been nursing normally through all this. About every 2 - 2 1/2 hours during the day.

    Is this just a normal phase she is going through or is there something wrong??
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    Sounds entirely normal on all fronts. But if you think her new pooping pattern is upsetting her, try sticking her in a warm, soap-free bath once or even twice a day. Sometimes the warm water and relaxing sensations can stimulate a baby to poop.

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    Yes, and lots of ebf babies go from pooping several times a day to once in several days in their second month. So the frequency issue sounds typical for the age.

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    If you want to help her to poop, you could also hold her in the position that we use for ECing. Face baby way from you, her back against your chest, and holding her legs up towards her chest in a squat position. This really helps babies be in a comfortable position to relax the bowels. Whether or not you do it with a diaper on or over a potty, your call.

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