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Thread: Best bottles for breastfed baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    It's really hard. Truly. The most difficult thing I've done in my entire life, and that is saying something. Nothing else gets done
    I admire your dedication to giving the best to your little ones!
    Blessed with DS - born 9/2/09 - nursed/pumped for 12 months
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*worknpump View Post
    I see that Tommee Tippee has an adaptor to fit their bottles on the to PIS. So many options! Do others have an opinion? Can you tell I'm anxious?!?
    I have these bottles in the 5oz and never had any problems with the nipple collapsing. For some reason the nipple collapses when he sucks. Other than that, these bottles are great, also easy for my son to grasp. And here a review talking about Bottles for breastfeeding

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    I had been using Medela just because it's easiest - I bought a "calma" but baby really doesn't like it. I just bought a few "comotomo" that seem to be working well, and are simple to put together. I can't deal with the ones with a zillion parts.

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    My baby is 6 months and still does not take a bottle well, but when I use one I use the Nuk bottles. I have had better luck with those because the nipple is shaped like my baby's passie. I use a slow flow nipple. I've tried several kind and found he likes these the best. My daycare provider has started puting my breast milk in a sippy cup because my baby doesn't like the bottle. He will eventually take it they just have to really work with him.

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