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Thread: Increasing On One Side

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    So basically R side produces ~2oz when pumping at work, and L side is ~1oz (this is on tons of Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and water). Since DD with us, she sleepnurses throughout the night. I am uncomfortable allowing her to be near the edge of the bed so she sleeps between DH and I, I'm on my right side. The layout of my bedroom prevents moving the bed sideways against a wall, and I just haven't ordered a railing.
    Basically, since she nurses from R all night and the supply is greater, would it be a good idea to spend some time sleeping on my L side to try to increase my output on that side?
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    Or try leaning over and nursing from the top breast However, you may always be uneven. You would think I would be even with the pumping --- I pump both sides just as much, at the same time -- but I'm not. One side can make 8-12 oz in a sitting, and the other makes that total on a good day when I was pumping 8 times a day. So, to have a difference in production is normal.
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    I am lopsided as well, and the funny thing is that it has changed a couple times. When I first started pumping a few weeks pp my left produced much more. Then at around 4 months the right side was the better producer. Now the left produces slightly more again... though both are pretty much duds at this point ;__;

    For what its worth, I let my son sleep on the side of the bed with no rail. I have a pillow on the floor there, and our bed is not very high. I also have his head nestled in the crook of my arm and tuck the sheet around him to secure him in place.
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