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Thread: help psych me up, please

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lllmeg View Post
    I am sorry you had such a hard time and believe you will again. My first question is, why were you miserable and crying when nursing? Was nursing physically painful, like latch or body pain? Of course many moms are exhausted and emotional in the early days with an infant, but that is a general feeling, not a nursing-only feeling. Did this only happen when actually nursing? I am not a big fan of suggesting this because at this point it is still theoretical, but have you ever heard of D-MER? http://d-mer.org/ If your feelings of misery coincided specifically with nursing sessions, and were not present other times, it might be something to look into.
    This is quite interesting! It kinda makes sense, though in hindsight I can't say anything certain; I will have to pay attention this time around, though, and see if it really fits. Might explain why I started feeling better once my nipples stopped leaking in between feedings, and also once my cycles returned. Though, that also happens to be around the time I started taking Celexa, but I never really felt like the Celexa fixed everything, yk? It just helped. And I also always questioned the PPD, since the depression was not a constant thing for me.... Anyway, something like D-MER would be a much more...attractive explanation than Bi-Polar...

    And I will keep the infantrisk link bookmarked for reference should I need it

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    good idea, wait and see what is happening this time. I again strongly urge you to make sure you have as many circles of support lined up as possible. The moms on here are incredibly supportive, and I am a huge believer in 'real life' support as well. Friends and family are wonderful & important but many moms find it very helpful to join a local mommy and me or a La Leche League group.

    If it is PPD, besides medication, did you have talk therapy as well? My understanding is that usually moms are helped most by having talk therapy as well.

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