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Thread: Daughter is desperate.

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    Default Daughter is desperate.

    Daughter is a vegetarian with a 5 day old son. The third day she was having to give him formula because he couldn't take breast milk (she was eating broccoli???) now she called in tears because he is constipated & won't breastfeed. I am 5 states away & would appreciate some help. Thanks

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    Default Re: Daughter is desperate.

    First of all, deep breaths.

    Baby is only 5 days old and isn't constipated. At most he's probably only had meconium bowel movements.

    There's no reason why broccoli should stop her from breast feeding. That's a new one on me. At this point, she needs to try to relax and simply nurse, nurse, nurse. Baby's nursing will stimulate her milk production. Tell her to make sure she's drinking a lot of fluids. You can't make it if you're not putting any in. Can you order her a book and ship it to her home? Order this: http://www.amazon.com/Womanly-Art-Br...6663223&sr=8-1 A great website for her to access is also: http://kellymom.com/ LOTS of great articles covering just about every issue she may encounter.

    It would also be helpful for her to find a lactation consultant. The hospital / her OB / midwife should be able to put her into contact with one. Having someone there, assessing baby's latch, giving her CORRECT and supportive breast feeding advice will be worth it's weight in gold to both her and baby. Of course, she can also contact Le Leche League in her area, they'll be very supportive and a great resource to her as well.

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    Default Re: Daughter is desperate.

    What she said.

    Only if baby has been getting formula, that can be constipating. However, breastmilk would loosen all that up.

    If baby won't breastfeed, she herself needs to come here for some links and help, but ideally,'hands-on help would be best.
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    Default Re: Daughter is desperate.

    Yes agree 100 % with above post. I am not sure what you mean baby would not take breastmilk. Would not nurse? Would not take expressed milk from a bottle? Nothing your daughter eats (or does not eat) is going to casue a baby to refuse to nurse. Some foods MAY cause allergies or sensitivities but that is extremely rare, and broccoli is not one of those foods.

    The mention of broccoli makes me suspect someone told your daugher that her diet is causing the baby to have gas. If so, that is total hogwash. Babies have gas, not matter what mom eats and it is fine and normal.

    Breastmilk is the best food for baby no matter what moms diet. If your daughter is vegan or on a macrobiotic diet where she eats no animal protein, (no eggs or fish or milk products) it will be important she take Vitamin B12 supplements when breastfeeding due to the risk of B12 deficiency. But again, her diet would not prevent her child from nursing or getting enough to eat.

    Help is out there. Free from La leche League volunteers or she can hire a professional IBCLC. Some moms resist asking for help from strangers with something they think should be so basic as nursing. I was like that! I struggled for weeks alone, something that was so unnecesary. So please, assure your daughter it is vitally important she reach out and get help.

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    Default Re: Daughter is desperate.

    She has got to buckle up for the ride and NURSE NURSE NURSE!
    She will be a nursing machine for the first couple of weeks. Tell her about this site or that she needs to meet with a laction consultant from the hospital as soon as possible!

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    Default Re: Daughter is desperate.

    I agree that your daughter would benefit from hands-on help as soon as possible. I too suffered for weeks before I was brave enough to call a lactation consultant for help. Please also direct your daughter to this site. It was invaluable to me when I was a first time mom (and again the second time around)!

    Oh, and I'm also a vegetarian. Broccoli should not negatively affect breastmilk. Tell her to keep trying to nurse her baby as much as possible. He's only 5 days old and will need to nurse what seems like all the time.
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    Default Re: Daughter is desperate.

    with the PPs. Being a vegetarian and eating broccoli does not mean a woman can't nurse.

    If your grand baby is refusing to breastfeed, this link may help: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html

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