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Thread: Gassy and Uncomfortable Baby

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    Unhappy Gassy and Uncomfortable Baby

    DD will be one month old tomorrow. She is a VERY gassy baby. She constantly passes gas (VERY loud and long) and burps often. While I'm nursing she often curls up in pain and then passes gas (leaving my nipple in her mouth and twisting her head - OUCH).

    About 15 - 20 minutes after most feeds she has a crying episode, often pulling up her knees. I know people have asked about gas before - I'm just not sure what to do. She's soooo uncomfortable and unhappy. How can I help her??

    I've tried eliminating garlic from my diet - no change, then I tried eliminating caffiene - no change. I don't drink much milk so I don't think it's lactose. HELP!

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    Lactose is actually a hidden ingredient in many other foods. And usually its not an intolerance to lactose (breastmilk has lactose in it regardless of whether or not you consume lactose), but an intolerance to the protein casein, which is often a hidden ingredient in other foods as well. And it is a common cause of stomach discomfort in babies. Dr. Sears has a lot of foods listed in the elimination diet that you should try, in addition to the foods you mentioned.

    The mylicon drops may work too, if it is indeed gas (and it sounds like you are pretty sure that's what it is). These are very safe and you can buy them in the section of a pharmacy (Walmart, for example) that has adult stomach comforters (zantac, etc).

    Stick with it...even if it is gas and you can't find the solution, by the time she is 3-6 months, she will be used to it and not nearly so uncomfortable. Her tummy will be more mature and better able to handle "spicy" foods in your diet too!

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    My DD had the exact same problem!! She was gassy from day one, would cry from pain and such. We tried the mylocon drops and those did help, so I would recommend those. But, i believe that only covers up the problem, not solves it. My DD would just get gas if we didn't use them and I didn't want to have to use them after each feeding for a year!

    I myself am a big believer in chiropractic care, so I had my chiro look at her and he ajusted her a couple times and it was like TOTAL difference! She had a discended (sp) stomach and that went down tremendously! She is now 6 months old and the gas is sooo much better, she still has it now and again if i eat something gassy, but other than that its SO MUCH BETTER! She used to pass gas REALLY loud, i was scared people wre going to think it was me! I would totally recommend finding a good chiro and having her adjusted. That is my opinion and what worked for me. Hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baby_boo View Post
    DD will be one month old tomorrow. She is a VERY gassy baby. She constantly passes gas (VERY loud and long) and burps often. While I'm nursing she often curls up in pain and then passes gas (leaving my nipple in her mouth and twisting her head - OUCH).
    I have the same problem with my LO. She is 6 weeks and has only been nursing for 3 weeks and has horrible gas. I have tried the baby gas drops and they help some. I have also found that "baby crunches" help. When your LO laying on her back, curl up and lift her legs brining them to her stomach or chest (crunch position but by moving the opposite 1/2 of the body). When I do this is make my LO pass gas and sh is then feeling much better. I have not seen it on the "Sears" or "Kelly" websites but the nurse at the hospital showed it to me when she was 1 day old so I think it is OK to do it. However, do not do this when your LO has a full stomach or the food will come back up and she will project milk back at you.

    I wish you the best of luck and if you find a "cure all" please post it for the rest of us!
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