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Thread: After 1 years old @ daycare...

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    Default After 1 years old @ daycare...

    We're approaching the 1 year mark and I am eager to pump wean. What are some examples of what you provide at daycare?

    Right now, he gets 12 oz of EBM and two meals of solids (about 4-5 oz each).

    - Do I have to give liquid food (ie cow's milk)? Or can he just drink water with his solid meals?
    - Should I gradually decrease the amount of bottles he gets? Or can we just stop bottles altogether one day?
    - Would I increase the amount of solids? Should he get more meals or just more quantity in each?
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    Default Re: After 1 years old @ daycare...

    If you're still nursing at least four times a day, you don't have to give any other kind of milk, and you can give water and have him eat dairy products or other foods high in protein/calcium, etc.

    That said, I did give Joe cow's milk when I was gone, mostly because he hardly eats any solids and he loves his milk.

    When you pump wean, you should back off slowly. So usually that means you're tapering off the bottles. How fast to taper off will also depend on how your baby reacts to having less/no bottles. Just quitting one day could be pretty hard on a child who has high suck needs (like mine). For other children it would be no big deal.

    I'd watch your baby for cues about solids. Most kids start eating more around a year, especially if they were, until then, not eating much as far as solids. I would continue to provide meals and snacks and see what comes back to you in the evening for an idea about how much he's eating.

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