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Thread: new member and pumping enough

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    Default new member and pumping enough

    Hello all! I'm new to the site. I've joined because I just went back to work this week, and I'm having a hard time pumping enough for my lo. She is 6 weeks old.
    Issues are as follows:

    - sore nipples... the 24 mm shields seem to be too small, and i tend to rub on the sides if i'm not very careful, but the 27 mm (next size up) are too big and too much of the tissue is pulled, and that hurts too.

    - rushed pump time... i've got 15 minute a pop to pump. I know legally, I'm supposed to get 30 mins, but work is just too busy to accommodate it

    - uncomfortable pumping area... I have an empty office room to pump in, but by empty, i mean EMPTY. no table. no chairs. no lock on the door. I've taken to sitting on the floor with my back to the door since someone's almost walked in on my twice. Just writing about it makes me want to cry.

    I generally can get 12 oz pumped, but today I only managed 10. She eats 12 to 16 oz. I have a small stock pile in the freezer that should hold us over until i get this worked out.

    any advice would be appreciated!


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    Default Re: new member and pumping enough

    Welcome! I'm sorry your pumping situation is so dodgy. I am sure some of the working moms will chime in with helpful suggestions soon, but here are the things I'm thinking:
    - If the 24 mm shields are just marginally too small, try lubing your nipples with some olive oil. That may allow them to slide more freely in the collection tube.
    - If the 27 mm shields are too big, it might help to start the pump on the lowest possible setting and gradually ramp up to an effective level.
    - There's not much you can do about rushed pump time except assert yourself and take your legally allotted 30 minutes. I learned long ago that when it comes to work, you must stand up for yourself or people will walk all over you. I told my very first boss that I wouldn't work on Saturdays. And then I did it once, just once, because she was in a bind... And found myself working Saturdays the rest of the summer!
    - The uncomfortable upping area sounds like an opportunity. You may be the first pumping mom at your place of work, but you won't be the last. I'd go to HR or your boss or whoever is in charge, and say "I want to make the pumping room more comfortable for myself and employees who will use it in the future. Can I get some furniture in there- chairs, a table, a potted plant- and also a lock on the door, or at least a sign for the door? I will take charge of making sure that the set-up is clean and pleasant. I just need the go-ahead to get some stuff out of surplus or pick it up at the store."

    ETA: this link may help you troubleshoot your pumping output issues: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

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    Default Re: new member and pumping enough

    That sounds like a crap situation! I am sorry. Can you decorate this little jail cell they offered you? Maybe pick up a little chair and table at a garage sale and keep it there?

    As a bit of encouragement, it took me a while before I was comfortable enough to pump at work. It seems like pumping takes as much practice as breastfeeding does, it is just so different. And it is so much harder when your LO isn't around! It took me several weeks to get going at work before I was producing enough (then my LO decided he would rather wait for mommy to get home than take a bottle, so I was pumping and he wasn't eating!).

    As for the shields...I am guessing this is for a PISA? I also find the 24mm too small and the 27 mm too big on the pisa. I think it is one reason I prefer my other pump (ameda uses 25mm as their standard and I like those). I do know they sell these rubbery inserts for pump shields that might make it seem a bit smaller. Maybe someone has a link here...?
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    Default Re: new member and pumping enough

    Thank you darwinthesun and mommal, both for the support and the advice. My pump is the medela pump in style. I will try the oil idea with the smaller shields ... and the larger shields at a lower suction if the first doesn't work.

    As far as getting the pump dungeon set up a little better... you are both right. I need to suck it up and stand up for myself little bit. I just started this job, and I'm shy about talking to my power tripping boss about my pumping needs. I must get over this, because my daughter is worth it, but i'm still painfully shy and this isn't going to be easy.

    I'm gonna go check out that link to kellymom now. Ty!

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    Default Re: new member and pumping enough

    Ameda will not help you (IE won't warrenty their stuff) if you do this, but this is what I did all my pumping career-which in all adds up to about 3 years. I never used medela horns more then about 2 or 3 times, they just weren't the right size for me either. At the hospital I gave birth to DD1 at, they had medela pumps, but gave every one ameda horns/hook ups to use. I got used to them since they were the first ones I ever used. And I didn't realize there was different brands and all that. So when I got home and had a PISA (not the hosptial medela from the hospital) I was in for a rude awakening on how much the medela horns hurt me. So I just got the ones from the hospital out and started using them. You have to pull a little detachable white thing off the bottom of them to make them two seperate pieces like medela does theirs, or you can use the little cover that is yellow and between the valves and cover one of the valves, and plug in the single unit like thing that ameda uses to just one side. However, I found I never could get a good suction that way. It was better to just take the white thing off seperate them and use them like medela hooks up their horns with it. Worked great. And that's what I used the whole time. Back then I had to order the ameda stuff online, but now bru, and lots of real life stores sells their horns and products too! So you may want to give them a go.

    However, if you buy some and it is not from like BRU where you can just take them back to the store, if you have to send them back to Ameda, since you are using them with a medela, even if you opened the box and never even used them, they won't replace them, cause they say you have to buy their pump.

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    Default Re: new member and pumping enough

    Is there somebody in HR you can talk to rather than your boss? Most companies I've worked at have extra rooms with extra chairs and tables. Maybe you can snag some from the office manager. They should also provide you a lock on the door, so you don't have to worry about being walked in on. That being said, getting a lock for my office when I pumped FT was a giant nightmare. So I just got one of those rubber doorstoppers and kicked it hard under the door, so it created a block so nobody could come it. I believe I may have (cough, cough) um found that door stopper at another door in our building and conveniently MOVED it to my office. But I also researched and found other locks that may be helpful and worth a few bucks for your peace of mind. I am sure they sell the rubber stoppers at Home Depot if you can't find one in another way. Mine was like this.

    That all being said, if you can talk with HR and say that people have walked in on you and say you were in a state of undress (duh you are pumping) - MOST companies realize that they could then be exposing anther employee to potential nudity. That will send them into a tizzy, and I am willing to bet good money you get a lock really quickly. You follow?

    Do you have a hands free kit? That helped me pump a lot more milk. I think it helped take my mind off it, and I wasn't freaking out holding the pump, kwim?

    Other mamas have also pumped while driving to get more milk. They wear a nursing cover over the pump and hands free kit so nobody can see.

    ETA: This is the hands free kit I used. I liked that it just went over your clothing/bra. It saved time, so I wasn't fussing with changing or removing clothing.
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