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Thread: Squeaky ear when BF

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    My LO has been fighting a cold the past couple of days. He has been nursing more frequently during this time (come on Mommy antibodies!). This afternoon, I heard a very peculiar squeaking as he nursed. I realized it was coming from his ear every time he swallowed. It has happened each time he has nursed since. He has also been very fitful nursing. I know congestion may cause him discomfort while nursing, so I use saline spray and aspirate beforehand. Is this audible squeaking a sign of an ear infection??

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    Weird! But it definitely seems like it could indicate an ear infection- ear fills up with junk, and every time the baby swallows and pressure must equalize, the air must rush through a mostly blocked space, causing a whistle. If you see the doc to confirm, let us know what she/he finds!

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    Ear infection.
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    I read that a drop or two of breastmilk in the ear helps - lots of white blood cells to fight the infection. When I ran out of ideas to relieve his discomfort last night, I tried it - his ear hasn't squeaked since! We have my LO's 4 month appointment on the 25th (though I will go in this week if he shows any more signs of discomfort!), so I will let you know what the doc says about the squeak!!

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