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Thread: Fast nurser...Whatcha think?

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    Default Fast nurser...Whatcha think?

    LO was 6.3 at birth, dropped to 5.11 from jaundice and now at 9 weeks he is just about 13lbs.

    He nurses rather quickly with a stong suck. He only nurses 5 to 10 minutes on each side. Some times he'll go back for a little top off after a few minutes of burping.
    He loves to drink bubbles and gets really mad at burps and spit ups, but seems otherwise satisfied after feedings.

    He only occasionally wants to comfort nurse at night, but usually won't if he feels full.

    He has a pee pee diaper at every feed (2-3 hours between feeds) and has major poo blowouts every 1-2 days.

    I guess this sounds pretty good and I feel very blessed, but is seems like he doesn't nurse long enough. I am always worried about milk supply even though I have WAY better supply with this second baby.

    Does anyone else have a speedy nurser?

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    Default Re: Fast nurser...Whatcha think?

    I am right there with ya. My baby seems to have reduced his nursing duration in the last few weeks. He's 8 weeks old today.

    He goes on average 10 minutes. Then I get him vertical to get him to do a burp or it might be because he was choking (still have OALD, don't know when it will regulate). Then he might go back for a small top up for a few minutes.

    Just this morning he went for a top up on the other breast after just 30 minutes.

    I think, from what I've read, that babies just become more efficient nursers as they grow up. I know that his mouth is bigger and so he has a better latch than before so maybe he's just getting the milk faster.

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    Default Re: Fast nurser...Whatcha think?

    My DD rarely nursed for longer than 5 minutes when she was young. She was a really efficient nurser . She didn't start comfort nursing for longer sessions until she was several months old. Her growth and development have been fine.

    Based on your baby's weight gain and diapers it sounds like you are doing great.

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    Default Re: Fast nurser...Whatcha think?

    If diapers and weight gains are fine, I wouldn't worry. Sounds like he's just fast.

    Baby Girl Born 2/17/10 to her two mommies
    BF from day one. I looked up one day and realized I'm nursing a toddler!

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