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Thread: Falling asleep at the breast

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    Default Falling asleep at the breast

    It does seem we go from one problem to another!
    LO is now 4 weeks old and we have had latching problems since the beginning, sore cracked nipples (now healed, but latch on the right breast still painful), thrush and mastitis! Wouldn't wanna miss on anything... Currently taking antibiotics and recovering from mastitis. I noticed my supply dropped a little on the right breast when I pump (the one with mastitis), although my left boob always produced more on my EPing days with DS1.
    And now baby always falls asleep after the first letdown and then I really have to work my but out to keep him awake with compressions, touching his chin, tickling his feet, lying him down, for about an hour, sometimes more! In the end he does seem hungry and fusses, to the point I had to give him some expressed milked in a bottle (an once), which did the trick and satidfied him.
    I've also been trying to pump after nursing sessions, but then its so close to the time he has to feed again, that I'm hesitant in doing so.

    So what can I do about him falling asleep and not nursing long enough?
    Could this be because of a drop in supply? Baby also had some bottles when my nipples were cracked, could this be nipple preference? Really confused here and appreciate your help.
    Oh, and baby was gaining well up until last week when we checked; he has a lot of dirty diapers and a good urine output I think. Although poop is a little green now (maybe because I switch breasts a lot during nursing session to keep him interested, and he gets mostly foremilk?)
    Anyway, sorry for the long message and TIA!

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    Default Re: Falling asleep at the breast

    My baby fell asleep at the breast all of the time. I think it's super normal. In fact, how do you think I got her to nap and still do? I nurse her down.

    I wouldn't worry about pumping or bottles. I would just keep an eye on wet and dirty diapers and feed the baby on demand.


    It is my belief that is you had a hungry baby you would generally know it. Babies will just swallow from a bottle because they want to suck and can't stop the flow, so they just drink the milk.

    Falling asleep is normal. I wouldn't worry about switching back and forth. Just nurse one breast and then offer the other. You really don't need to worry about pumping at this stage of the game - unless you are going back to work right away or something.

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