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Thread: is it really constipation ?

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    Default is it really constipation ?


    My LO is 10 months old. She has been breastfed since her birth and she is having solid foods since 6 months old. She is fine, except that now she has her weigh drop from a centile from last month.
    But since she is on solid food, she has difficulties passing her poos. she has up to 3 poos a day. There is no one day without one poo, but when she is pooing she pushes so hard that she cries all the time.
    I don't know if she is constipated or not. I don't know if it is normal or not. I increased her water intake. She has many watery fruits and veg every day. I tried to give her some carbohydrate too and some protein. but it still continue.
    Her behaivour is normal for someone her age. she moves a lot, exercices a lot and works hard to improve her crawling (i think that's the reason why she lost a bit of weight - 7.92 kg last month and 7.86 kg now). She nurses about 3 times at nights and at about 7am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm during the day.
    Have you got any ideas ??
    Thanks very much !!

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    Default Re: is it really constipation ?

    I think constipation for babies is more about the consistency of the stool and whether or not baby is straining excessively/crying/turning red than frequency.
    if the stool is very formed and hard (does it roll right off the diaper?) and if baby is hurting when passing it then your LO sounds a bit constipated.
    here's a good article by Dr Sears on constipation and remedies: http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/chi...s/constipation
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    Default Re: is it really constipation ?

    Yes to the PP comments> What does the poop look like? If it's hard dark and pellets like (like rabbit poop) then it's constipation. If it doesn't look like that you need not worry.

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    thanks for your replies.
    She is constipated from what you have both said and from Dr Sears page.
    Thanks for the link.
    I bought some flax seed oil today, and some prunes. We will see in a few days if it helps her.
    Thank you very much because I wanted to try natural medicines before thinking about going to the doc and their chemical stuff.


    PS : she has hard dry poos and she fusses a lot, push like mad and cry often.

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    Default Re: is it really constipation ?

    She has actually lost weight? I would probably also stop solids. That will help with the constipation too. At the very least, cut out carbs and things like bananas and applesauce.

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