My DS is 3.5 months old and when he was about a month old I started building a freezer stash using the Medela Harmony. I would pump at about 6:30 in the morning because I knew he would sleep until about 8/8:30. I stopped stash pumping when we thought he was sensitive to dairy (if he was, he is no longer sensitive to it now).

I started using a Medela PISA when I went back to work when he was 2.5 mo and could pump 13-15 oz a day. He would eat 15-18 oz when I was away from him so my stash is next to nothing even though I would pump in the evening when I got home when I knew he ate more than I could pump that day.

Now I have to start my stash again but I have no idea when to pump. This morning DS woke at 5:15 to eat (he usually wakes 2-3 times a night) and then I pumped the other side after he went back to bed but only got an ounce. I used to be able to get at least 2.5 oz when I first started stash pumping. Is this because my supply has regulated and I don’t have much extra milk?

Also, should I stash pump when I’m also pumping on my work days? I’m afraid that I’m going to feel connected to that thing all day long.

My DH says I should sleep more and not pump in the morning and I would rather sleep too. However, when I am alone with DS he is such a needy and social baby that I have to constantly interact with him, cuddle, carry and/or talk to him that I can’t concentrate on pumping and it takes 45 minutes every session to pump (I have a smaller breastshield coming in the mail so hopefully this will cut down on time). I can’t count on DS to take any regular nap as he is all over the place with naps. He also eats every 1.5-2.5 hours so I don’t want him to be frustrated when it’s hard to get milk.

When would you recommend that I stash pump? What times did you find work best for you to stash pump?