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Thread: Scheduling a 11 week old?

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    Default Scheduling a 11 week old?

    I have been trying to figure out if there is any rhyme or reason to my 11 week old's nursing schedule. About a week ago, I started being really in tune w/ her sleepy cues and putting her down for naps PRN. She will take 2 really good naps (1 1/2 hr) early in the day. This spreads her feedings out to around 3 hours. However, around 4 o'clock she wants to nurse every 1hr 45 min or so and take only cat naps. (never the same interval). Also, since I have started this, she is waking up at night again. She was sleeping from 9:30 - 5 am. (at that time, I was nursing her around every 2 hours, but she was taking forever to nurse and was only sleeping 30-45 min a few times a day). Now, she is waking up around 3 am. (no matter what time I put her down). Help?? I don't mind feeding on demand, but, my husband is going to have to keep her some while I work and I would like to be able to tell him what to expect. Any sample schedules out there or advice that my help me.

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    I would keep doing what you're doing....watch your baby. If you feed her when she tells you she's hungry, and if you put her to sleep when she tells you she's sleepy...you'll notice that a pattern will start to develop. This is what we noticed with our son.

    Its normal to feed frequently in the evening...my son feeds about every 1.5hrs from 3-bedtime at 7. If she's only waking up once at 3am, then that is really good. That's about what our son was doing at that time. When she wakes up I'd keep the lights down low, don't talk a whole lot...make it a very business-like feeding....that way she doesn't think that its time to get up and play.

    HTH, you're doing a great job. don't stress too much about having an exact schedule...a routine is much better. Show your DH what to look for when she's acting hungry and then he'll know when to feed her.

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    Default Re: Scheduling a 11 week old?

    I feel the same way with my 8 week old. He's so unpredictable!! We give him bottles in the evening sometimes, because I just can't keep up with him milk wise! The thing that frustrates me is he acts like he's starving, and I'll give him a bottle. Sometimes he eats 3-4 oz, and sometimes he eats 1/2 oz. Its really a waste of formula because we never know how much he's going to eat!! If he wants to eat 3 oz, and he only has 2, he gets so mad!!

    I think you're doing the right thing though by just tuning into his schedule and going by what he says its time for!! congrats on him sleeping even until 3 though...kaden still eats every 3-4 hours and takes 30-45 min to eat most times.

    Good luck!


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