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Thread: oats-when can you start

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    my 5 month old ds started solids about a month ago. He likes them a little thicker inconsistecny so i have been mixing in rice cereal with the solid when needed However he is alittle constipated so I was wondering can I mix in oatmeal with the given solid. Is he old enough for this or do I need to wait longer?

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    I would try pureed prunes. You can be adventurous and make them yourself or just buy them from gerber. Usually produces poop quickly. I don't know about oatmeal, but I know the prunes are ok and should work.

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    I would eliminate the rice cereal as that is probably what's causing the constipation. Maybe eliminate solids all together until he goes. Just bf more.
    Also try a warm bath soak. I let my DD soak for about 20 minutes when she seems to be strugling. She usually goes the next day.

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    dd is going through the same thing. our pedi's nurse said that rice cereal can be binding...and to try oatmeal instead. i don't necessarily think the oatmeal will make baby poop, but eliminating the rice cereal will make baby less constipated. and yes, if your ds has taken rice cereal well, then he is ready to try oatmeal.

    if you are trying to make ds poop, then you can try the prunes or watered down pear juice (i've been hesitant to try the pear juice). i did place dd in a warm bath last night and she pooped within the hour.

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