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Thread: OALD, positioning, latch, mastitis

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    I am nursing sweet baby #3 at 3 weeks old...have had oversupply and overactive let-down issues with all three kiddos, but the boys seemed to grow into it pretty fast. My delicate little daughter has an eency-weency latch on my right side in order to control flow, and there's not much I can do about it except that I'm living with some nipple soreness on that side where the breast is bigger and less firm than on the left, where she does much better. On the right, it's small latch, lots of clicking and nipple flicking...YEOWCH. I did successfully decrease supply with block feeding, but the OALD is as big an issue as ever. THEN...voila...tried the lying on back nursing and it was a total win for about 3 days...less soreness, happier daughter.

    Then...full blown mastitis, still struggling with bad fever/chills and super-painful breast and have started abx. I guess the laid-back nursing left things too undrained. Maybe it was the nipple trauma that brought it on (though there were no visible cracks, just sore), but it had started to get better since I was lying on my back with her on top.

    I hate having gone back to 'normal' position and more soreness again, but can't risk not draining this boob! Any ideas I haven't thought of?

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    Did I mention that we've had a GI bug since she was born, and two days ago I broke my ankle? Then the mastitis the next day. When it rains it pours!!!!! (Need pity)

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    Default Re: OALD, positioning, latch, mastitis

    Oh, my goodness. What a whole lot of discomfort you must be in! I'm so sorry.

    My first thought about the right side is to ask if you've tried other upright positions. She might have a more comfortable latch in football hold or something else. Alternatively, you can nurse in whatever your normal position is, but catch your letdown in a towel before you latch her on. Then she would need to open her mouth a little wider to really work to get milk out, instead of working to slow the milk down.

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    Default Re: OALD, positioning, latch, mastitis

    Ouch, mama! Sorry you've had such a rough spell of luck. Have you had the GI bug yourself for 3 weeks, or has it just been going through your house for 3 weeks? If it's you personally, I'd see the doc about it.

    I think teal gave great advice. Some more possibilities:
    - nurse reclined, but pump afterwards to empty the affected breast
    - add a soy lecithin supplement to your diet (said to reduce plugs, can't hurt to try it)
    - nurse in regular position but contact LC and see if she can help you tweak the latch

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    Default Re: OALD, positioning, latch, mastitis

    You poor thing! My goodness!

    Good advice from PPs. Being prone to clogged ducts and mastitis (and OS/OALD), I did a routine of hot baths with a lot of breast massage and hand expression, every day, just to keep clogs (and hopefully mastitis) at bay. While you have nipple trauma AND you're trying to reduce your supply through blockfeeding, you're really SUPER VULNERABLE to mastitis. I don't know if the reclining position caused it or if it was a combination of factors, but consider adding lots of breast massage and warm wet heat to your day until you have your OS and also your latch issues under control.

    ETA: I also used topical antibacterial ointment on my nipples to help prevent repeat mastitis. I used polysporin, bacitracin is also good.

    A lot of folks recommend lecithin supplements for moms who are prone to clogs. I also took a good amount of vitamin c, and when I was sick with mastitis, grape seed extract. Not sure it helped, but I'm sure it didn't hurt.

    Hope you feel better soon!! And yeah, get that GI bug checked out if you're not feeling better really soon! That just doesn't seem right.

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