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Thread: Sore breasts?

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    Default Sore breasts?

    My breasts have always been on the sensitive side, and invariably hurt for a few days before each AF (and, of course, during pregnancy). They remained just as sore (not outright painful, but enough that a firm hug from DH would make me wince) to this day. I never gave that much heed, but today I suddenly thought "hmmm... I wonder if this is normal?"

    Is it? If not, should I address that with my general practitioner? My OB (my otherwise wonderful OB is not very up-to-date on breastfeeding)? Somebody else?

    DD is 3.5 months old and exclusively breastfed on demand. Her night sleep has been fairly erratic in the last few weeks, so some nights she wakes up to nurse every 2 hours, and sometime (just like yesterday) she sleeps for 5 hours straight, so by the time she wakes me up, my breast are pretty full and even more sore. I don't have a fever, red streaks, or any other alarming symptoms.

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    I had oversupply and I was really sore until like, 6 months. As long as you don't have any clogs or signs of mastitis, I would probably just keep an eye on it. Massage your breasts well in a hot shower every day if you are prone to clogs. The general soreness did go away in time.

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    When my daughter was about a month old I got an infection in my breasts. It was so painful that when she latched it took everything I had to not cry or push her away. I had no fever or other signs that there was an issue. I did go to my obgyn and she put me on antibiotics. Luckily my lo did not get it.

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    Oh I was just like that with both A1 and A2. And to DH I was like "STAY AWAY FROM MY BOOBIES!" ! But yes they did get much less sensitive at around 6 months with A1 and with A2 (5 months) they are already less sensitive although my nips still are. If it were just me I'd say it's normal soreness. But if you are worried then it doesn't hurt to ask

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    i have very sensitive breasts. i can't wear nursing bras AT ALL (tried so many models and sizes). i have to wear a seamless, gently supportive sports bra (this one: http://barelythere.com/bras/detail/4...=4076&colid=20) that sort of "hugs" my breasts without putting pressure.

    i felt pain in my breasts in the early months of breastfeeding and it only subsided when stopped wearing nursing bras and started wearing these sports bras instead.

    my theory is that i have a lot of glandular tissue (i know this from before pregnancy, b/c my breasts are very dense and lumpy) but not a lot of fat tissue. the fat would provide a cushion to the glandular tissue, making it less sensitive, but since i don't have the cushion i can feel any little pressure.
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