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    My baby is 2 wks old...had to be taken by c-section at 7:59 am and didn't get to see baby or hold or attempt to feed until 5:30 pm....had episodes of drops in oxygen desaturation and had to stay in NICU...nurses didn't care about breastfeeding just so baby got fed...rough start then later that week dx with Reflux and they supplemented with Enfamil AR...aka formula with rice cereal...now I have her home a week later and she latches good but doesn't seem to be satisfied...it is a battle where I feel like I am feeding constantly with no success....I have had to pump and now that I am trying to strictly breast feed because I don't want to give her the bottle any more and I don't know whether I need to continue to pump still either...I don't know what to do...I am trying to be patient but this has been really hard and I don't want to give up. What am I doing wrong with the breast feeding and what do I need to do about pumping?

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    Stop. Deep breath. You can do this.

    First, how is baby doing now? How is baby's weight, wets and poops? How are you mostly feeding baby? How is breastfeeding going, other than feeling like you are nursing all the time? Does it hurt?

    But...breastfeeding all the time is normal totally normal. If baby is nursing constantly and having wet diapers at every change, the likelihood of a problem is small.

    If baby won't latch and remove milk from your breasts effectively, then you need to pump. But if thy is not the case, in that baby is removing milk, then put the pump away. You don't need it.

    Read this:
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    I agree with pp. The first few weeks seems that baby is attached 24/7 and at times the breast feels "deflated/empty" all these are NORMAL. The main thing is that baby latches well, wt gain, and output. Also, skin to skin is a must the first weeks, even daddy can do it as well (baby won't get spoiled) after the pattern is set, and baby gets older, he/she will feed every few hours and nap in between. The first weeks are the roughest, but after the uphill, it becomes the most rewarding sensation and the easiest thing to do, not to mention the bonding along the way.
    I'm sorry you've had a bad start, but now that baby is home, you can enjoy the time and relax as you feed baby.
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    Good advice from the PPs. Can you tell us more about how nursing is going, aside from your concerns about baby getting enough? For example:
    - Are you in any pain when nursing, or afterwards?
    - When baby unlatches, what are your nipples shaped like- are they symmetrical like pencil erasers or wedged/asymmetrical/creased like new lipsticks?
    - Does baby fall asleep rapidly at the breast?
    - Is baby jaundiced at all?
    - How many wet and poopy diapers do you see in a 24-hour period, and what color are the poops?

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    now I have her home a week later and she latches good but doesn't seem to be satisfied
    There are two reliable ways to tell if a baby is getting enough-poop output and weight gain. Baby behavior is NOT generally a reliable indicator. I am not sure what your baby is doing that makes you think she is not satisfied but fusssing, wanting to nurse a lot, wanting to nurse very, very frequently, etc. are all perfectly normal and don't mean baby is not getting enough at the breast.

    Read the article in the pp and I also suggest this article: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing.html

    Also, I always ask moms who have had c-sections if they are still taking strong painkillers, particularly narcotics. Of course it is very important to handle your pain, so if you need the narcotics keep taking them as needed. But in my personal experience and in the experience of many moms I have talked to, often way more pills are prescribed than are actually needed. Painkillers, at least narcotics, can exacerbate feelings of being exhausted, overwhelmed and out of control. It's OK to stop taking the narcotics if you don't feel you need them anymore.

    Also, I hope you have good help. Not only are you mothering a new baby-a very hard job under any circumstances-you are also recovering from major abdominal surgery. Try not to do anything except feed your baby, and relax and enjoy your baby. Hopefully others can help you stay fed and cared for.

    If there is a local La Leche league or other breastfeeding supportive group near you, try to make contact with them. You can definitely do this but you want all the support you can get.

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    Great tips! I really wished I had looked for help before as well. I think that you are doing great and being open and discuss how you feel and seeking for support and help is the right route. Good luck and keep pumping and mantaining as much contact with baby, get lots of fluids (water) and rest. Those are the things that most people have told me. Keep up the great work.

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