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Thread: Update - I tried side lying feeding...

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    Same as many pps, we had a hard time at first but now nurse lying down regularly. I also used lots of pillows, etc.
    But, I also want to suggest using a sling, or at least trying it, while lying down. I'm not sure how well this would work on smaller babies, but we snuggle with our Nojo sling holding us together, and that generally makes it more comfy.


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    For me, laying down and nursing in the hospital was actually pretty easy. Maybe because he was little and all balled up? Once he started streching out, like everyone has said, it got hard. He's starting to get some good head control finally, and it is getting easier. Just keep at it!
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    Can you push your bed up against a wall and use it as back support? Or lay back to back with your partner/spouse? This is the only way I am comfortable, I have to have back support. I still don't sleep because I'm never totally comfortable but the back support from the wall really helped me. GOOD LUCK.

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