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Thread: Am I doing something wrong? PLEASE HELP!

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    Default Am I doing something wrong? PLEASE HELP!

    My dd is 10 mths and has been ebf. We cosleep, nurse every 2 hours and never leave eachothers side. Because of this, I have not had my period.

    Well last night, I started ....Did I do something wrong?
    I dont plan to stop bfing anytime soon...What does this mean?? PLEASE HELP

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    Default Re: Am I doing something wrong? PLEASE H

    Don't worry, this doesn't mean anything! When a breastfeeding mom will experience the return of her cycle is very variable. Some moms get their cycles back within weeks of birth, for others it takes months, and some will not get their periods back until their babies wean. In general, your cycle is more likely to return after your baby starts solid foods or starts sleeping more than 6 hours in a row, though obviously plenty of moms (like you) get their cycles back without meeting those conditions.

    All this means for you is that if you don't want to get pregnant again, you absolutely must start using some form of contraception. Because nothing sinks supply as effectively as pregnancy!

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    It shouldn't interfere with breastfeeding much at all! Some women feel like their supply goes down a bit before their period starts, but it's usually minor and temporary, no big deal.

    The "average" time for cycles to return to women who are EBF is 15 months, but think about that - that means HALF of all women who are EBF'g get it earlier, and half get it later than that. So you're really in the normal range. You didn't do anything "wrong." Some (unlucky) women get their periods back at like 6 wks PP despite cosleeping, nursing frequently, etc.

    So basically, yeah, the main this means is the return of your fertility. So you'll want to use birth control if you're not ready to get pregnant again, because ovulation usually comes along with AF.

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    great advice from pps. just wanted to mention as an aside two things I always see talked about here: 1) that periods can be irregular once they do start up, which can lead to pregnancy scares. for example you might have your first cycle be 28 days, but then your next one might be very short or very long (I had one that was 64 days one time, and a short one that was 14 days). so just be aware that you might have some weird cycles for a few months before you get "regular" again. 2)you might experience a little dip in supply around when you get your period, but its only temporary and nothing to worry too much about. also you might notice nipple soreness around ovulation time. just some extra things to keep in mind aside from the contraception issue.
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    Default Re: Am I doing something wrong? PLEASE H

    I got my period back at 6 months, and like you, I thought I had done something 'wrong', as I was doing all the same things as you, and was looking forward to not getting my period for a lot longer than 6 months. I don't know if your concern is at all tied to birth control purposes, but I started charting my cervical mucus, as I had used natural family planning prior to getting pregnant. The book Taking Charge of Your Fertility was a wonderful resource--they have a chapter on nursing and charting your cycle. IMO, it's great to know what the heck is going on with my body anyway, and charting has helped me get a handle on that.

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    I started my period 28 days after giving birth despite "doing everything right." grrrr.
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