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    Ok mommas,
    So I have a 3.5yr old and just introduced a new addition to our family....Mr. Thomas (5 weeks). We successfully breastfed our oldest until she was 3 (yes, immediately preggos after her successful wean) and had many challenges during her BF time, but well worth it! OUr new addition is also exclusively breastfed, but now we are having some issues with gas. Not colic, just gassy.
    He will awaken every hour at night grunting, fussy, not crying but definitely uncomfortable with hiccups, spit up and passing alot of gas from above and below. He also has stools everytime he passes gas (from below) and did not seem to bother us, but he seems miserable at night.
    When we co-sleep it seems to help, but he is still notably gassy and we save the co sleeping until the morning hours due to his sister who still co sleeps with us (we dont have the heart to move her from "her"/our bed just yet).
    Anyways, we have been reading much about gas and babies and we found this natural product called "calm colic" and was hoping someone anyone had some experinece with this product.
    Any advice is welcomed....we need to at least get 2 hours at night....or we could go bonkers for an additional ??????
    WE love our new addition, and would love to see him more comfortable at nights.
    Thank you mommas!!
    CO (and loving it)
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    Default Re: Colic calm advice

    The best cure I know for hiccups is Gripe Water. I swear my son must have drank gallons of it when he was a baby and Charlotte is starting it now, too.
    Hiccups can also be a symptom of reflux, so be on the look out for that, too.

    For gas: bicycling legs can help.. and heat. If you have a rice sock, you can put that on his tummy or look for a product called a Happi Tummy.

    Robbie (my 3.5 yo) had a lot of gas issues and those helped him the most.

    Charlotte (my 8w old) had some trouble at first, but she was usually calmed just with some skin to skin. I think the warmth on her tummy and the comforting nature of kangarooing helped.

    Most baby's gas issues improve by around 6 weeks so hopefully you'll be over the hump soon!

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    Hi my hushand and I had that same baby you are describing for the first maybe 8 months of her life....I tried everything...sometimes she would wake up 15 times per night squirming and pumping her legs...We tried: Gripe water, bio gaia to try to restablish the instestinal flora of her intestine, chamomille, massages, hot baths...And then colic calm! It was not as miraculous as it seems...for the two weeks it worked but it can be messy business giving it to a baby in the middle of the night..Its black and it stains! So after week three it stopped working and i just did what i had to do for us to get some decent sleep. She slept with us until she was almost13 months....it would allow me to calm her down fast and the warmth from us made us sleep again and nursing lots of nursing....before bed i would massage her belly and the gas would play quiet a symphony...So i accepted the fact that i have a gassy baby and that i will have to deal with it until she worked it out...Now she still passes gas and giggles and says pew pew pew! Now since one week she refuses to sleep in her bed...needs me to hold her and stand up to sleep all the time and i am not allowed to sit down...imagine...bye bye gasssss.....hello craziness! Good luck to you: I would recommand....massaging the belly twice during the day and once before bed, warm bath, bicycles and some close contact and warmth...it will get better mama!Patience lots of patience!
    first time mama to a gassy but adorable baby named Makayla- Wouldn't give up breasfeeding for anything in the world.

    We co-sleep, we love and [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Hi I must chime in here because this was by far the best product I have found on the market. I just ordered two more bottles for our third child, three weeks old and I could have written your post... VERY similar. She is not as bad as my first DS but she just gets miserable at night and nothing seems to work! I should have ordered it before she was born but didn't want to commit to myself that I would have another colicky baby. My second DS had awful reflux and spent time in the hospital and on a media formula due to MPI and meds for reflux and Colic Calm seemed to be the only thing that got us through the whole ordeal. I would swear by that stuff. It is homeopathic and very safe, it works instantly, and seems to not only calm the tummy but actually drive out the gas, sometimes it actually seems to make them poop it all out. It works on my baby girl too, she calms and sleeps a good 2 or 3 hours every time we give it to her. I will warn you though, it is black and gets everywhere... the only thing I have found that gets in out of clothes is oxi clean baby spray. And do not freak out if you get black specks or green poo a few times after you use it, this is totally normal!

    I will get off my soap box now, but I hope you give it a try I was sure glad I did. I tell every tired mommy I meet about Colic Calm. Good for even bigger kids with tummy upset, heck I even take it myself if I have a problem.

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