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Thread: 17 month old, bfing, and pumping Q

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    Default 17 month old, bfing, and pumping Q

    I have a 17 month old, he's nursing at home in the early mornings, evenings & 1-2 x during the night, and I've spent the last year pumping while at work. I'm curious about pumping and when to let go, give it up? I realize that I'm connected to pumping and providing while I'm away. I know he's nursing less frequently as he's quite busy and enjoying food quite a bit.
    How long have others pumped, when did you stop pumping and only nurse? I've seen the ups & downs with my pumping, and recently I think as he's busier and busier,
    and less interested in nursing my output with pumping is less recently. It's had me thinking, is it time to stop pumping?


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    Default Re: 17 month old, bfing, and pumping Q

    many mamas give up the pump after a year and others pump longer. I stopped somewhere around 15 mos with my oldest. It's whatever you are comfortable with mama. It is perfectly fine to stop pumping at 17 mos and nurse when you are together Is your son eating a good amount of solid food?
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    Default Re: 17 month old, bfing, and pumping Q

    It's entirely up to you. I pumped until 18 months. It started getting more and more difficult to pump toward the end there, and it seemed to be getting to the point where it was more trouble than it was worth.

    Whatever you decide, you should be proud of yourself for pumping so long!
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